Two for Oman

Astana takes over Oman

Not the entire country of Oman, just the part where you’ll find the Green Mountain, the queen stage of the Tour of Oman. Miguel Angel Lopez won the stage and Alexey Lutsenko took control of the overall in a one-two punch that knocked everyone else out of the race. Astana team boss Alexander Vinokourov is pouring […]

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Tejay gets hot

Van Garderen tops teammate Porte in Portugal.

Tejay van Garderen is BMC’s boss again. It may only be for a day and just in Portugal and perhaps limited to the Algarve region but Van Garderen is The Man. He proved significantly faster in the Volta ao Algarve time trial than his teammate and Tour de France captain Richie Porte. Once upon a time, […]

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Froome under the microscope

Froome fades on stage two of Ruta del Sol

Was it the thick legal brief in his back jersey pocket that was weighing him down? That’s one theory concerning Chris Froome’s underwhelming performance in the second stage of the Ruta del Sol. He rolled in 27 seconds behind his Plan B teammate Wout Poels, who won the stage and took the leaders jersey. Journalists […]

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Haas on a high in Oman

Nathan Haas wins at Oman in love-fest.

Today, in the Tour of Oman, Nathan Haas was filled with love. He adores his bike, calling it “awesome,” he loves his legs, calling them “fantastic” and he has tremendous affection for this part of the world, saying, “I love coming to Oman.” On top off all that, it was Valentines Day. In honor of […]

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I am The Man

Coquard is the Man in Oman

“Coquard beats Cavendish in Tour de France sprint.” That’s a headline the young French sprinter would love to read — it would be the biggest victory of his career — but instead of France, he’ll have to settle for a different continent and another county. Substitute the Tour of Oman for the Tour of France. […]

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Bartalucci reveals more great areas at Sky

Burying Sky. Ex-team doctor hammers nail in coffin.

Regrets and condolences, dearly beloved, it’s time to bury Team Sky. The final nail in the coffin comes from former Team Sky doctor Fabio Bartalucci. He revealed in an interview with cyclingnews that back in 2011, when he worked with the team, it had an intravenous recovery program. This kind of recovery program was controversial in […]

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Peter Sagan and double gran fondo

Peter Sagan gran fondo in California. Double shot!!

Holy shit fire. Well, life just got immeasurable better for every bike racing and bike loving fan in California and Nevada and anyone within jet distance. World Champion, three time rainbow jersey fashion icon, coolest man in cycling, wheelie boss of the peloton, Peter Sagan is bringing not one, but two juicy events to California. […]

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Zinn Merano ST.

Zinn Merano ST. A big, non-freak road bike

I’m a freak and I ride freak bikes. At this point in my life, I’m just going to admit the oddity of my dimensions and the horrible effect they have on the esthetics of any bike frame. I’m 6′ 4″, 200 pounds with long arms and legs. Built like a pro basketball player and you […]

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Skin-tight troubles

I’m giving up on skin-tight cycling apparel

There is no getting around it. I’m finally done with the self-delusion and inability to face the obvious truth. Forgive me for I am not emaciated. There was a time not so long ago when I could squeeze into skin-tight, pro-cut, race fit cycling apparel. I was slim enough, I rode enough, I burned enough […]

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Cav is no cowboy in desert

Cavendish not playing cowboy in Dubai

“It was pretty chaotic in the finale, it was carnage. I was terrified for my life.” Spoken like an old man, an aging sprinter, the former Boy Racer who now has a wife, two young kids, three houses and a nice, comfortable life. That was Mark Cavendish, barely surviving and remaining alive after the first […]

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