Review: Bontrager Air Support HP Pro pump. Mini Maxed.

This is a mini with muscle. Write a review of a pump (or read one) and really, there’s only one test to run and one question that needs a clear, definitive and trustworthy answer. To wit, does the diminutive Air Support HP Pro ($44.99) actually do a quick, easy and efficient job of pumping up […]

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The report for 2018

WADA prohibited substances: Bacon Cheeseburgers?

The World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) just released the list pf prohibited substances for 2018. “WADA is pleased to publish the 2018 Prohibited List,” said WADA President, Sir Craig Reedie. “It is vital that all athletes and entourage take the necessary time to consult the List; and that, they contact their respective anti-doping organizations (ADOs) if […]

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Review: Scott Centric Plus helmet. Ventilation titillation.

Cool is undeniably cool. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, the Scott Centric Plus helmet. Ventilation is where all Scott’s R&D funds were allocated. Well, that, along with the wind tunnel aero optimization and careful integration of the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) inside the helmet. All those three factors are the big reason why the Centric […]

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Money talks, money races

Sky dominates Tour de Finance

Yes, the 2016 budget figures have been tallied up for Team Sky are out and guess what — it’s even bigger than you thought. Up by 27% over the previous year. So if you were still pondering the question, “Does money buy grand tour victory?” the answer is a resounding yes. Sky’s grand tab for […]

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Ted King, Pleasure King

The Cycling Bon Vivant. A new leisure class.

Today, Velonews posted a story on a subject that’s been on my mind the last few months. It’s the rise of a new creature, the cycling bon vivant, a jet setter on two wheels. In the article, writer Fred Dreier chronicles the retirement lifestyle of Jens Voigt. It’s a pretty good gig the popular German […]

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Why, Strava, why?

Strava and Apple Watch 2. Bizarrely unsupported.

Normally, I don’t use Twisted Spoke as an outlet for bitterness and frustration. There’s an exception to every rule. Case in point, Strava’s bizarre inability to work with the Apple Watch 2 for something as basic as pulling your heart rate from said watch and making that data part of the recording file of your […]

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In the flow

Peter Sagan, King of Athletic Flow.

A story in last week’s New York times entitled How to Hack your Brain for $5000 examined the concept of “flow” for athletes and artists. Then, on Sunday in Bergen, Norway, in the Men’s World Road Race championship, Peter Sagan of Slovakia gave a thrilling personal demonstration of flow to win his third rainbow jersey […]

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Rainbows are fun

The Wild Wild Worlds. Contender vibes.

Worlds, Men’s Road Race, Sunday, chaos. Who knows what’s going to happen when they line up in Bergen, Norway for 267 kilometers of hard and unpredictable racing? Peter Sagan (Slovakia) has won the last two rainbow jerseys and a third consecutive win would be mind-blowing and put him in the company of legends like Merckx. […]

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New dog in town.

Hound dog upset, Cookson out at UCI.

After four years of UCI president Brian Cookson, the governing body voted him out in an resounding upset. Frenchman David Lappartient won by a score 37 to 8. The hound dog has had his day. (Andy Hood at Velonews did a fine job of mapping out why he lost.) There was a huge surge of optimism […]

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watts it say?

Dumoulin. More powerful than a power meter.

How strong was Tom Dumoulin the the World Individual Time Trial? So strong that he thought his power meter was off calibration he was flying so fast. Note to power meter companies — do not sponsor Dumoulin — his watts will destroy your finely tuned algorithm and cast doubt on the accuracy of your gizmo. […]

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