Review: BodyBio electrolyte concentrate. Bye cramps.

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Review: BodyBio electrolyte concentrate. Bye cramps.

After hard rides over about two hours, I can pretty much count on leg cramps sometime in the evening or during the night. That can be extremely painful.

One solution I’ve used with good success was a recommendation from my functional medicine practitioner: BodyBio E-Lyte. It’s a concentrated supplement of electrolytes that you add to to an eight ounce bottle of water.

Just a small cap-full does the trick. You can drink it during the day or add it to your bike water bottle for rides. There’s not much favor to it but my wife likes to add a squeeze of lemon to improve the taste.

The claim is that E-Lyte will help relieve cramps, replenish and hydrate and restore energy levels. I can certainly vouch for the reduction and severity of cramps. (My other cramp solution is pickle juice.)

This is from their website information: “BodyBio E-Lyte is the perfect combination of sodium which contracts muscles, potassium, which relaxes them, and magnesium, which plays a role in more than 300 enzymatic processes and is the force that drives potassium to relax a contracted muscle. Ideal for everyday athletes or anyone looking to reduce painful cramps and stay energized all day—without all the unnecessary ingredients.” Many electrolyte concentrates go overboard on the sodium and sugar. I definitely want to avoid that.

As a company, BodyBio has created supplements for brain and cell, gut and heart health. Along with other products that address detoxification, a boosted immune system and general wellness.  It’s worth checking out their website, especially if you’re into high quality, clean supplements that focus on optimal health.

I hope to review a few of their other products in the future. I’m for anything that fights cramps, boosts energy and performance and isn’t filled with crap stuff.

BodyBio E-Lyte comes in a 4oz and 16oz size, priced at $8.99 and $26.99.




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