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Review: Bontrager Adventure top tube bag

I stole this from my wife.

I had originally bought the Bontrager Adventure top tube bag ($42.99) for my wife’s bike. It was simple, compact, easy to attach and water-resistant.

However, I began borrowing it more and more and now, we’re at the bickering stage of who deserves the Adventure more. Probably me — I’m the one with the cycling blog.

The first thing the theft tells you is how quickly and easily the Adventure bag goes on and off. There’s a wide velcro strap that wraps around the base of your stem and another velcro strap at the other end that wraps around your top tube.

I should also note there’s a second method involving two screws that may or may not line up well with your bike frame. Personally, I don’t even remember that as an option, given that the velcro works so well. It definitely locks the bag down very securely.

While compact, this bag has room for all the ride goodies — air cartridge and pump, tire levers, phone, spare tube, car keys, etc etc. That would fill this sucker up. There’s a mesh divider on one side for keys or credit card, and the bright green lining makes it easier to locate what you’re looking for. I do like the oversize rubbery ring that pulls the zipper open and close — that makes a one-hand operation possible when you don’t want to stop riding.

From what I see on the Trek website, the Adventure bag is not currently available online but there’s good chance your local Trek dealer may have a few in stock.

I will also be in the market for a second Bontrager Adventure bag because this one is mine and the wife wants it back.

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