Review: Uncharted Road Gear Pro Hand Pump. Affordable inflation.

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Review: Uncharted Road Gear Pro Hand Pump. Affordable inflation.


Uncharted Road Gear is one of those little tiny companies that seem to pop up all the time. Based in the US, they have a short and sweet range of products (for now, at least) that includes two mini-pumps, one headlight and two tail lights.

My understanding is that for now, they generally head to China and modify and customize these products and down the road they will expand the product line and deepen their design involvement. Here’s hoping that business is good enough that they continue to grow.

I’ve been using their Pro Hand Pump (on sale for $19.98) for a few months. My frame of reference for this is a Bontrager Air Support pump that I loved until I somehow lost it. So I was more than happy when Uncharted Road Gear sent me their Pro Hand Pump to review.

First off, the Pro Hand Pump is a little over half the price, which is sweetness right off the bat. Basically the same size but 103 grams heavier. Are you strong enough to carry an extra 103 grams for something that saves you $20 bucks? I’m guessing that answer would be, uh, hell yeah. It fits snugly in your jersey pocket and does come with a mounting bracket. Bonus points — you also get

In terms of style and construction the Pro Hand Pump comes in a nice looking orangish chrome color and feels solidly built. Worth noting that this pump — unlike the Bontrager — does both Presta and Schrader.  A few quick turns of the nozzle will open it for Presta or you screw it shut for Schrader. (Watch the video to see how that works.)

Presta or Shrader

The hose piece is nice and flexible so you can bend it into the right position for inflating your tube. Our experience on both mountain bike and road bike (with tubeless setup) was that the pump worked well and getting things back up to 110-120psi was not difficult. Uncharted Road Gear claims you can hit 160psi.

So what’s not to like? Well, not a thing. You have a well-performing pump that trades some weight for a lower price.

Uncharted Road Gear

Pro Hand Pump



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