The UCI and AFLD dispute. McQuaid challenges Boudry to wrestling match.

Mcquid versus

The Match of the Century is on. McQuaid vs. Boudry.

The war of words between UCI President Patrick McQuaid and French Anti-Doping Agency head Pierre Boudry escalated Saturday.

They’ve decided to settle their disputes once and for all, in the wrestling ring. “”I’m sick of that whiney French guy, always complaining and turning up his nose. I’m gonna stomp on his face. ” said the red-faced McQuaid.

For his part, Boudry is hardly worried. “You can see he is flabby, a bureaucrat who sits on his hindquarters all day making pronouncements like he’s king. I am training already,” said Boudry.

The UCI president appeared to snap after the constant hounding by Boudry in the press. “Boudry thinks he’s some kind of intellectual, drinking his red wine, reading his French existentialist novels. I will break him in two,” said McQuaid.

Rumors are spreading fast that the under-card for the much-anticipated event will feature Anne Gripper, head of the UCI’s anti-doping team, taking on Alejandro Valverde. But at this moment, no details have been announced.

However, the wrestling promoters are already planning a tag team match between the embattled Spanish Cycling Federation and Italian Olympic COmmittee (CONI). Winner to decide Valverde’s doping ban.

Stay tuned for more developments.

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