Alberto Contador, 8 Million Dollar Man, meet Steve Austin, 6 Million Dollar Man.

lee majors

But could he beat Armstrong?

Before Alberto, there was Steve Austin, the hero of the seventies TV show The 6 Million Dollar Man. A quick plot summary to develop our thesis and dramatic contrast:

“Steve Austin, an astronaut who had walked on the moon, is almost fatally injured in a plane crash. Many of his damaged parts are replaced by bionic limbs, including his right arm, his left eye, and both legs.”

These bionics give him superpower strength and speed and of course the U.S. Government paid 6 million for him. As you can see, Alberto and Steve have a lot in common, salary-wise and leg-wise.

The 6 Million Dollar Man series ran for five exciting seasons and was nominated for a Golden Golden award. The bankers and managers at Team Astana are hoping their deal will bring Contador on for four thrilling seasons. Not to mention a few Tour de France trophies.

The hit TV show always opened with the same voice-over: “We can rebuild him. We have the technology. Better, stronger, faster. And in Alberto’s case, way richer.

Of course, the Kazak offer did say something about also replacing an arm and eyeball. Yikes.

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