Review: Sugoi RPM short

//Review: Sugoi RPM short

Review: Sugoi RPM short

Sugoi RPM. Affordable posterior pleasure.


You’re not an emaciated Tour de France rider who trains 5 hours a day and weighs his food. You’re not one of those nut-balls who is training for the hellish Ride Across America.

You’re not even one of those driven Masters racers putting in crazy hours each week and spending no time with the wife and kids so they might win a pointless criterium in Elk Snot, Michigan.

This perfect combination of factors mean you are the perfect fit for the new Sugoi RPM short. It’s not the wallet-punching $250 patent-hyped cycling short and congratulations, you don’t need it. Put the money saved into the “new wheelset” budget and ride in comfort.

No gripper elastic. Yay!

Priced at $75, the RPM is about value and that’s an even better thing in this time of global economic collapse.

The first thing you discover is you’re fooled. This appears to be a pricey short because the fabric has a snazzy compression look.

Nothing wrong with the veneer of expensive and the fabric does have a tight, compressive-like feel. What’s extra nice is the 2 inch long bottom panel eliminates the line of gripper elastic on the inside.

The S100 pad is spec’d from Italy, not an assembly line in China and we all benefit from the trickle down of body mapping and anatomical construction.

The directional cut of the fabric means you get the stretch in the right places. This is an eight panel contour, flat seams and no senseless frills.

The definitive opinion comes from that decision making body that makes all the calls on comfort. Your rear end. In our 90 minute to two hour rides, we forgot we were wearing the RPM and not the more expensive goods we have in the closet. Now, if you’re doing hardcore miles or riding the Tour de France, maybe the Sugoi RPM isn’t for you.

Pad Italiano.

Our only issue with the RPM is the Sugoi graphic on the side. Why companies put their brand names on gear like they were cheap decals is a true branding mystery.

We’re still mad about a Castelli bib short we bought five years ago with bold silver letters down the sides. After only a few washes the letters were already wrinkled and peeling off. Same goes for the Sugoi graphic that looks ready for separation.

Still, if you’re like most bike riders who simply want to look good, lower the overhead and stay comfortable on that skinny seat, the RPM delivers big time.


RMP short $75

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