What Cadel Evans didn’t say at Tour de France presentation.

Evans 2011 TDF.

Things Tour champion Cadel Evans did not say after watching the 2012 Tour de France route presentation in Paris:

“Bro, this rocks. I am gonna kill that skinny Spaniard Contador — if his ass isn’t’ already suspended.”

“Am I the favorite? Damn right I am, I’m the boss.”

“Woo-hoo! Look at all the time trial kilometers. I am so winning this French thing again.”

“Andy Schleck, you are hosed, dude. Good luck adding muscle mass for the time trials.

“Where’s the freakin’ champagne? I’m ready to celebrate victory already.”

“I could win the Tour on auto-pilot, with half my team tied behind my back.”

“Take that, beyotch.

“Where are the hot French babes? I should have gone to the Giro presentation instead.”

“Look at this route! Frank Schleck is in such deep shit.”

“Damn, I am the best dressed guy here.”

So, lemme get this straight. There are no sexy podium girls pointing at the map but an old French tennis player is here — wtf?”

I’m gonna have my wife learn to play “We are the Champions” by Queen on the piano. This Tour is in the goddamn bag.”

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  • Excellent! Unforturnately Contador and Wiggins can also say the same. And the Schleck brothes might as well have said: "Where are the hot french babes? I should have gone to the Giro presentation instead" 🙂

    • Well, I know Andy was thinking about the hot Italian babes. Matt

  • Franco

    one more…

    in a squeaky koala bear voice: "Cheers, mate…this Foster's on me!"

    • In a word, exactly. I mat have to add a Fosters line. Matt

    • I can picture that… laughing my ass off here…