Mavic Infinity Bib. Ergo excellent.

Mavic mesh.

Think Mavic and you think wheels-sets, superior engineering, Tour de France and Classics hoops.

What perhaps most cyclists don’t know is that Mavic also wants you to roll in style. Their Infinity Bib is the latest in a line of cycling apparel and has some very specific good ideas.

No interference, please.

One of the first things that strike you about the Infinity is that the Ergo 3D Ultimate pad doesn’t slide. Most fabrication methods will sew up the short, then drop in the pad and cover it with another layer of lycra. Basically, you have a lycra pillow case with a pad inside.

Ergo 3D pad

When your posterior moves on the saddle, that extra layer of lycra will naturally slip and slide. Mavic sews the pad directly into the short and builds it with an extra resistant outer layer. When you ride, there’s no interference, no unnecessary movement.

We liked that quality about the Infinity. The Ergo 3D is Mavic’s top of the line, three foam densities and six thicknesses. It doesn’t have the fancy vents like a Sugoi RSE pad but the anatomical sculpt is terrific. One odd note is that because of the way the pad in integrated, it gives a more visible “puffed out” exterior appearance on your rear. Nobody sees that once you’re in the saddle and we did appreciate how quickly the pad settles in place without having to wiggle it into the ideal position.

Weave wisdom.

The top mesh fabric of the Infinity gives it a distinctive look and style. This isn’t the usual micro sheer mesh but something closer to hyper-breathable netting. This stuff is super stretchy with seamless straps cut from a two layer fabric. The inside is hydrophobic — pulling moisture away from your skin — and the outside is hydrophilic, pushing said moisture to the exit doors like an angry bouncer.

Mavic. Always clean lines.

What’s cool here is that changes in fabric density and mesh size are woven directly into the garment. That means it’s essentially one piece which gives the Infinity a light touch on your shoulders and dials up the breathability and wicking skills.

While it’s a personal opinion, we also like the “fisherman” vibe of the mesh. Should you ever be stranded on a desert island with nothing but an Infinity bib, you could use the upper mesh to catch fish. An unexpected side bonus.

A gripping cuff story.

Like Craft, Mavic is a proponent of lingerie-ization in cycling apparel. Who better than a French company to do this best? Gone are those irritating elastic silicone bands at the cuff. Instead Mavic uses a mildly compressive and sexy sheer band of fabric at the cuffs. The Ergo Grip fit feels terrific and definitely rides high on the style factors. Our only question here would be longevity. Lingerie generally has more exciting primal and immediate goals than durability.

Stylish cuffs, tailored thighs.

Overall, we like the look and feel and style of the Mavic Infinity bib. After testing a dozen bib shorts this year, it’s certainly one of the more flattering to wear. Visually, it has a modern look without any trend nonsense. And needless, to say the Infinity matches perfectly with a Mavic Ksyrium or Carbon Cosmic wheelset. You are definitely good to go fast and in comfort and style.


Infinity Bib short

Amazon $250 — sale $200

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