Knog marketing genius. Bike locks, cocks & cowboys

//Knog marketing genius. Bike locks, cocks & cowboys

Knog marketing genius. Bike locks, cocks & cowboys

Sex, drugs and bike locks

We’ve written about Knog, the cool Aussie bike light and lock company before. They’re not afraid to have fun with their marketing, let the imagination run rampant and have a rockin’ good time.

Two years ago they did a hilarious riff on an exposé of their R&D lab where they were carrying out dissections of bike lights — complete with blood and guts spilling out of the sliced open bike light carcass. That was attention-getting and clever and what brilliant advertising is all about.


Sex, drugs and bike locks?

In their latest effort, they’ve twisted a classic punk rock image from 1975 and Sex, the provocative Chelsea fashion shop of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. The cowboy-cock visual (and resulting t-shirt) shocked all kinds of people back in the days when McLaren and the Sex Pistols were creating a media storm.

Cut to 2017 and switch out the cocks for bike locks and throw in a hipster guy and gal. This is just so head-snapping when, in general, bike industry marketing is so, so predictable and formulaic.

Chapeau, Aussie marketing types at Knog. Hey, their bike computer is called the Nerd and one of their locks  is called the Straight Jacket. These guys are out to make cool products and have a few yuks along the way.

Let’s just say it like Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious: Never mind the bollocks, here’s the bike locks!!!

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