Knog Lights hits massive media home run

Tempting to use the word genius and that would debase and dilute the term even further. And yet … we might have to … this is a tight call.

Yeah, genius.

Know lights, who make very cool little compact and powerful bike lights (and bike locks) just delivered a brilliant advertising campaign right to our inbox as they prime the pump or light the fuse or cue the tornado for their show booth at Inetrbike.

It’s rare in the safe marketing world that a bold idea hits the public. It’s a conservative show-the-product mentality with little room for bold ideas and risking taking. Once in a while there is good work — Castelli does some nice storytelling and primo Jared Gruber images. A while back Pearl Izumi played off the doping culture with performance enhancing bibs. However, Knog goes high concept and entertainment with a faux press release detailing the strange and disturbing practices in their R&D lab.

Here’s an edited PR snippet from Knog: “The Worldwide Technology Foundation (WTF) have gained clearance from authorities to scrutinise the 3 new ranges of bike lights from Australian design brand Knog …

Reports of irregular practices at Knog’s R&D lab in Melbourne were picked up by WTF. Below is a still from a video taken by a whistleblower, and is an example of the kind of concerning practices that the WTF hope to wipe out to re-calibrate the market and ensure there is fair competition.”

Knog surgery

Knog surgery

Now, we’ve had a Knog Blinder 3 for a year and it works like a champ. Simple, powerful, well-deisgned, nice form factor, built to last. Ohh, yes, bright.

So without going full-plug, check out Knog because they’re one of those cool companies you need to shower love on.


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