Rainbows are fun

The Wild Wild Worlds. Contender vibes.

Worlds, Men’s Road Race, Sunday, chaos. Who knows what’s going to happen when they line up in Bergen, Norway for 267 kilometers of hard and unpredictable racing? Peter Sagan (Slovakia) has won the last two rainbow jerseys and a third consecutive win would be mind-blowing and put him in the company of legends like Merckx. […]

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New dog in town.

Hound dog upset, Cookson out at UCI.

After four years of UCI president Brian Cookson, the governing body voted him out in an resounding upset. Frenchman David Lappartient won by a score 37 to 8. The hound dog has had his day. (Andy Hood at Velonews did a fine job of mapping out why he lost.) There was a huge surge of optimism […]

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watts it say?

Dumoulin. More powerful than a power meter.

How strong was Tom Dumoulin the the World Individual Time Trial? So strong that he thought his power meter was off calibration he was flying so fast. Note to power meter companies — do not sponsor Dumoulin — his watts will destroy your finely tuned algorithm and cast doubt on the accuracy of your gizmo. […]

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The Boss is back

Boasson-Hagen, the new Bad-Ass.

Interesting story in cyclingpub about Edvald Boasson Hagen and his chances of winning the World’s Men’s Road Race on home soil. By the attitude of his quotes, he’s not only on rock solid form but confident and even aggressive in how he expects to attack the race. That’s a bit of a personality change for […]

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Tattoo bike body art. Inky inspiration

  My 20 year old son got himself a full sleeve tattoo a few months ago. Tattoos are’t my thing and that makes me pretty old school. Deep into the 50’s, I figure there’s not point now and anyway, I have enough scars for some storytelling. A tattoo would only start sagging on my skin […]

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Too much skin in the game?

Froome & Sky “exposed” in World’s team time trial

What happened to Team Sky in the UCI World Team Time Trial? Although the prohibitive favorite with a stacked squad, they could only manage third in Bergen, Norway. They lost out to winner, Team Sunweb, driven along by Giro d’Italia winner Tom Dumoulin and BMC racing, finishing 22 seconds behind. Our theory? It was the […]

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Get ready for shadows

Is McQuaid coming back to UCI? Is the dark returning?

First the eclipse happened here in the United States. Things got dark in the middle of the day, animals freaked out, the atmosphere was otherworldly, the moon blocked out the sun. Then, came the news that former UCI president Patrick McQuaid, he of the last Dark Age of Cycling, may be returning as honorary president […]

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Welcome, citizen, welcome

Grant American citizenship for Sagan before Worlds.

This the United States of America — we think big. When we read the quote from BMC’s Brent Bookwalter about the long-shot American odds in the Men’s Road Race, we decided that was the wrong attitude. No, we’re smarter than that, bolder, more resourceful and besides, we have a crap-ton of money, in Fort Knox. […]

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Hinault. Let's keep this to four, not five.

Hinault encourages Froome not to join five-time Tour winner club.

Ahh, Monsieur Hinault, always looking after his own personal legacy. We had to laugh as we read the Badger’s suggestion that reigning Tour and Vuelta champion Chris Froome take a whack at the Giro d’Italia before going for his record-tying fifth victory in the France. “He has proved that you can win the Tour and the […]

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Stetina, training in Tahoe

Tahoe’s Sierra Prospect is just around corner. 20% DISCOUNT!!!

Wake up, Tahoe. Almost time to ride. Everyone knows how famous and fabulous the Levi’s GranFondo has become. Great course, amazing scenery, awesome party and gourmet grub. It’s the creme de la fondo. So, now imagine the folks that put that together had a big, new idea: Lake Tahoe, California. Start at NorthStar Resort, outside […]

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El Pistolero Presents ...

Vuelta à Alberto.

While Chris Froome (Sky) won the Vuelta a Espana, his second grand tour victory of the year, Alberto Contador (Trek Segafredo) owned the race. It was his show, his personality and his farewell that dominated the event. Without Contador and his daring attacks and old-school improvisation, this would have been a dull and straightforward Vuelta. […]

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Contador's final curtain call

Contador’s Vuelta windmills.

Alberto Contador continued his personal campaign to return pro cycling back to the days of bold attacks and improvisational aggression. Like Don Quixote, the fictional character in Miguel Cervantes’ famous novel, he tilts not at windmills, but power meters. He took off again, off the front on stage 19 of this otherwise Sky-numbed Vuelta a […]

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Contador will not go quietly

Contador’s Farewell Attacks continue in Vuelta.

Another Vuelta stage, another Alberto Contador attempt to blow the race to molten pieces. Some riders like to ease into retirement but the Spaniard has managed to skillfully combine a farewell tour with a wild man’s homicidal bender. Think of that balancing act: he’s having fun at the same time he’s attacking the peloton and […]

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Froome on the fly

Froome flattens rivals in TT.

The 40.2 kilometer time trial was absolutely flat. That’s to say, flat as Vincenzo Nibali’s hopes of holding his one minute time gap to race leader Chris Froome. Instead, he lost another minute. Flat as Alberto Contador’s hopes of reaching that last step on the podium in the last race of his storied career. He […]

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