The view from the top

I rode my bike without wearing technical apparel. The shocking, true story.

I woke up Saturday morning with the plan to ride my mountain bike. I’d left work early on Friday afternoon, driving four hours up to my place in Truckee, California in the Sierra Mountains. The weather was clear and sunny — which was a lucky thing since it had been smoky during the week thanks […]

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Die Hard with the Boss?

Lane Armstrong auditioning for Die Hard 6 movie?

Burning Hollywood question: was it a mountain bike crash or a screen test for an action movie? Right after retired and banned pro cyclist Lance Armstrong crashed hard, he posted a graphic picture of his bloody, ripped up face on his Instagram account. Was that a little social media moment for his 3.41 million followers […]

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BMC's Bookwalter

BMC’s Bookwalter on cycling journalism. Where is that middle?

BMC Racing’s Brent Bookwalter just did a great post in Velonews entitled Meeting the Media in the Middle. It was a thoughtful and even-handed attempt to explain his side of the story (literally) and how he thinks the media should handle interviews and stories. Three things stuck out of me. The first being his frustration […]

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Loads of advice for Thomas

Bradley Wiggins’ advice for Geraint Thomas avoiding Tour winner insanity

  Geraint Thomas won the Tour de France. It’s insane, his life is going to change, forces of people will accost him at every moment. But fear not. Former Tour winner Bradley Wiggins has some sure-fire steps for avoiding all those annoying people. Never walk down the street without sunglasses and a wig. Never wear […]

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Back in the day ...

Colorado Classic crabbiness. Sorry!

I feel really bad about this. I’m about to say something terrible, negative, bitter — I’m about to get very dark cloud. I have zero interest in the Colorado Classic bike race. There, see all that bile I just coughed up? I’m sorry, it feels like a betrayal, I’m a bad person. Let’s go back […]

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Where oh where, Pierre?

The curious case of Pierre Rolland. Will he stay at EF Education First?

Jonathan Vaughters fooled us good. Back in 2016, when he signed Pierre Rolland away from Europcar, he predicted big things for the French climber who had finished 8th in the 2012 Tour de France and 4th in the 2014 Giro d’Italia. At the time, Vaughters literally gushed with enthusiasm about Rolland’s untapped potential. “The amount of […]

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Where am I going? Nowhere.

Will Tour winner Thomas jump from Sky? Not likely.

The general consensus would seem to suggest that 2018 Tour de France champion Geraint Thomas will stick with Team Sky. Where else would he realistically go? While a decision to stick with Sky would seem to ruin his chances of defending his Tour title next year, there’s just too many reasons to think he won’t […]

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Froome to Wanty? Crazy?

2019 Tour de France, talent reapportionment.

Team Sky just just won their sixth Tour de France in seven tries — the cycling world yawns in apathy, television numbers are down, the French mayor of the UCI insists the sport needs a more equitable distribution of talent to combat Team Sky’s dominance. Twisted Sport has David Lappartient’s back. Let’s all work out […]

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Back-up to front

Geraint Thomas. Plan B wins Tour de France.

Always have a fall-back position in Le Grand Shindig. That statement in itself is not quite accurate as there was a distinct possibility that Plan A, four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome, would be banned for his over-usage of the asthma medication salbutamol. Eventual winner Geraint Thomas was plan A in that scenario. Indeed, […]

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Demare, de vacuum

Demare wins Tour stage in total sprinter vacuum.

Andre Demare (FDJ) won the 18th stage of the Tour de France and owes a debt of gratitude to Peter Sagan’s ass. Thank-you, posterior of Mr. Sagan. When the Slovakian crashed at high speed yesterday on the descent of Col de Val Louron-Azet, he effectively took himself out of the running for victory in Pau. That […]

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G is the boss

The road decides: It’s Geraint Thomas for Le Tour captain.

The road was short, only 65 kilometers long. So when the road decided, it reach the conclusions quickly. First on the list: Geraint Thomas, not four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome, is the captain of Team Sky and the likely winner of this year’s Tour. The Welshman showed zero signs of weakness, leaving Froome […]

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No fear

Alaphilippe. A bold Tour victory in Bagnères-de-Luchon

Julian Alaphilippe is a fearless bad-ass. With one stage victory in the Alps already in the bag and the polka dot jersey on his shoulders, the Frenchman began tracking down Adam Yates (Mitchelton-Scott) near the summit of the Col de Portillon. The British rider had opened a gap of roughly 30 seconds as he headed down […]

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Brailsford blames the French

Sky’s Brailsford takes rest day dump all over France

Team Sky’s David Brailsford has a lot to get off his angry chest. Ever since his star rider Chris Froome beat the odds and was cleared of any wrong-doing related to overuse of an asmtha medication, Brailsford has been on the attack. He dumped all over the UCI and its president David Lappartient, essentially calling […]

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Dan Martin, never dull.

Martin, Cort and Moscon provide drama on stage to Carcassonne.

The 15th stage of this year’s Tour de France from Millau to Carcassonne was enliven by three riders. Two of them played the role of protagonist while the third was an antagonist. On a day where the GC favorites were content to let the break gain over 13 minutes, Dan Martin became so bored that […]

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