You go, girls. Yogo Girls.

//You go, girls. Yogo Girls.

You go, girls. Yogo Girls.



Two massive finds in one day!

Trolling the web for interesting bike related content I came across two new goodies: Drunk Cyclist and Yogo Girls.

It was Drunk who lead me to the Girls who have an instagram account of deliciously fit young woman in various athletic and seductive yoga poses. That includes a good number with women doing headstands and other body twists beside their bikes.

Well, who doesn’t love that?

There are so many attractive photos of hot women doing bike-ish yoga poses that I almost signed up for a package of yoga classes. Fortunately, I regained control of myself by going for a long bike ride.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be checking in on the Yogo Girls in the very near future. Probably this evening.


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