Write for Twisted Spoke. It’s free!

//Write for Twisted Spoke. It’s free!

Write for Twisted Spoke. It’s free!

Twisted Spoke needs more fingers.

Yes, why just passively read the damn thing when you could start altering the content itself?

Twisted Spoke is looking for a few talents to enrich the site and add a few more twists and turns.

What we’re looking for mostly is a different take on the sport besides the usual (and wonderful) coverage by cyclingnews and velonews. We want the interesting perspective — it can be funny or insightful or angry or simply unique. We’d like Twisted Spoke to be a place for some of the new “voices” coming into pro cycling.

So the hunt is for writers or photographers or a bike tech review person or cartoonist or doping expert or UCI mole or any specialty you can bring to the sport.

Things of particular interest:

A writer or two who wants to take a crack at race coverage and/or offering opinion and insights on the subject.

Any photographers on a regular or semi regular basis who’d like to send in race photos or cool bike-related stuff.

Someone with an engineering background who can write knowledgeably on tech-heavy gear reviews.

A person with a great sense of the absurd and finding the humor in pro cycling. We sometimes call Twisted Spoke the Onion of cycling. We make news up, we fabricate funny stories, we poke fun at huge egos.

In return, congratulations, you get the exact same salary as me –zero. ┬áBut you also get a fast growing and well-read blog to launch your cycling journalism or photography career. There may be apparel and equipment perks we can throw your way and a TS kit down the road.

Last word: don’t get freaked out thinking you have to be a killer writer. The essential is just to have an interesting spin. If you love the Spring Classics and are there roadside drinking beer all day, that’s a great story. If you live in France and are passionate about the week-long stage races, tell your story. If you have a strong opinion on the sport, bring it on.

Really, this is an opportunity for the people who for the last year or two have been thinking, maybe I should start a cycling blog about road racing. Now you don’t have to and you’ve got an instant big audience. We had close to 200,00 page views from Giro through Vuelta.

Drop me a line and we’ll start the conversation.

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  1. Pal October 20, 2011 at 3:43 pm - Reply

    So are you just looking for race and tech news or how about the thoughts of a putz on a bike? I realize there are likely more of us than those chugging beer and fries on a cold Belgium spring day, but I must admit I for one like to read of the agony and ecstasy of the folks out there racing for the city limits sign. So, this is dropping you a line…

    • TwistedSpoke October 20, 2011 at 4:27 pm - Reply

      If you've got agony and ecstasy and can wrote it up, lets talk. Or good race coverage/story and tecn news/reviews. Basically, do you enjoy writing and even moer, enoy writing about bike racing in some way shape or form. Drop me a line on your ideas. Matt

      • pal October 22, 2011 at 11:39 am

        I do like to write. I'm not sure I have great things to share, but I will send you a short essay…

      • TwistedSpoke October 22, 2011 at 2:37 pm

        Sounds good. Happy to check it out. Matt

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