Voss edges Leipheimer by one second in Catalunya time trial. Who?

///Voss edges Leipheimer by one second in Catalunya time trial. Who?

Voss edges Leipheimer by one second in Catalunya time trial. Who?

One second, please.

Imagine you’re Levi Leipheimer of Radio Shack, one of the top time trialers in the world, and you’re blazing along in the 3.6km time trail when your ear piece buzzes. “Uhh, Levi, you gotta pick it up. Voss is gonna beat you.”

Paul Voss? Who the Catlunya is that? Well, he’s the 24 year old from Milram that just bumped you off the top step, kissed your podium girls and stole your champagne, that’s who. Voss beat Leipheimer by a second and Andreas Kloden by two ¬†— and no, Kloden has never heard of Voss either. Maybe because it’s his first ProTour win along with stealing the leader’s jersey from Radio Shack.

“When I heard that I had won, I was totally surprised and overwhelmed,”¬†said Voss. “That’s how it is when you win the first ProTour race of your career. I think I won’t really realize it until I am at the start tomorrow wearing the leader’s jersey. I actually didn’t feel that great during the race, so the win is that much more of a surprise.”

Vittorio Algeri, Milram’s director, is very familiar with Voss and his talent. “A fantastic result for us today, Paul Voss and Dominik Nerz gave us a really huge surprise. Despite the rain and difficult conditions, they both went all out. This is a great day for Team Milram.”

Levi, take a good look at this Voss guy. Remember the name — he could be trouble down the road, any road with a ticking clock.

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  1. FanDeSoler March 22, 2010 at 3:30 pm - Reply

    wow – what a horrible season for the Shack veterans so far, eh? It’s March and they’re still in January form.

    • walshworld March 22, 2010 at 8:00 pm - Reply

      Well, a second aint much but yeah, both age and luck haven’t been on their side.

  2. Henkio March 23, 2010 at 3:32 am - Reply

    Boom winning the PN prologue, Voss wins this one….Here come the cyclo-crossers!

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