Tejay and Cadel. Micro chat with BMC Boss Ochowicz.

//Tejay and Cadel. Micro chat with BMC Boss Ochowicz.

Tejay and Cadel. Micro chat with BMC Boss Ochowicz.

We were able to grab BMC boss Jim Ochowicz minutes after his rider Tejay van Garderen essential wrapped up his first overall stage victory in the Tour of California.

We were three kilometers down from the summit of Mount Diablo where Van Garderen and his dominant BMC team had put the finishing touches on a well-deserved yellow jersey victory.

TS: Tejay is about to win California, Cadel is riding strong in the Giro. You have to be pretty excited.

JO: You do these races starting in January. It gets closer to July and everything starts to count a little more. We gotta finish this up and we have another week in the Giro. We can’t get overly enthusiastic until it’s actually over. We feel good about what we’re doing here. It’s a good indication of what’s gonna happen in a couple of months, too.

TS: I have to ask because it’s almost like Froome-Wiggins lite. How do you sort out who is the BMC captain in France?

JO: It sorts itself out. It will be be figured out. Cadel is the captain of the team. That’s undisputed. Tejay is riding well and when we get a little closer to the curve, we’ll see who goes into the curve in the lead.

TS: I felt like the GC battle in California was over after stage two with Tejay on top. Do you think that?

JO: No, nobody can he that optimistic. It’s  a hard sport, you can never guarantee anything.



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