Spanish Pitbull. Talansky takes 7th in Vuelta.

//Spanish Pitbull. Talansky takes 7th in Vuelta.

Spanish Pitbull. Talansky takes 7th in Vuelta.


Talansky & girlfriend at Tour of California.


The Pitbull learns fast.

In his second Vuelta a Espana, Garmin-Sharp’s Andrew Talansky, nicknamed the Pitbull for his tenacity, also showed another trait of grand tour winners. The ability to learn fast. In one year he jumped from 79th to 7th in the Helta Skelta Vuelta.

In fact, if you look at the breed desperation of a pit bull, you can see that Talansky’s potential for a future grand tour win is pretty high. According to the Pit Bull Rescue website, describes the dog as “intelligent, very responsive to training, and, above all, eager to please.” Responsive to training — how perfect is that?

A further read confirms that pit bulls (aka Andrew Talansky) are “energetic, agile, and strong. They are also very resourceful and driven. Determination is one of their most notable traits: They put their heart and soul into whatever they set out to do.” Again, you can see why team boss Jonathan Vaughters and director sportif Allan Peiper are so high on Talansky’s prospects.

Talansky is pretty aware of the high speed progression. “It’s been a really hard, difficult and trying three weeks, both physically and mentally. I endured situations that might have cracked me or made me stop completely just a year ago. It’s been a learning and eye-opening experience and it showed me of what I am capable of.”

When we watched Talansky at this year’s Tour of California we were struck by his confidence. He has an almost Armstrong-like focus and carries himself like he expects to win. We talked to his girlfriend and she mentioned that it was inspiring to her to be around someone with so much dedication.

The Pitbull is moving up the ranks fast. Or as we like to call him at Twisted Spoke, Andrew Talent-Sky.

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