Sheryl Crow witnessed Armstrong trying to sing.

//Sheryl Crow witnessed Armstrong trying to sing.

Sheryl Crow witnessed Armstrong trying to sing.


Crow endured Armstrong's singing.

Sheryl Crow apparently told federal investigator Jeff Novitsky that she saw her then fiancée Lance Armstrong attempt to sing Country Western music.

As reported in the New York Daily News, the allegations will soon be revealed with the release of the book Wheelmen, written by two Wall Street Journal reporters.

“He was quite brazen about it — there was no hiding or embarrassment about what he was doing,” Crow is quoted as saying. “It wasn’t just sing in the shower stuff. He belted out Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. He didn’t even lower his voice.”

Country Western singer Crow dated Armstrong back in 2004 and has intimate knowledge of the disgraced former champion’s behavior during that time period. According to the book, Crow first heard Armstrong sing while flying to Belgium in Armstrong’s private jet.

“He was from Texas and he wanted to show me he could do whatever he wanted — win the Tour de France or become a famous country western singer, “said Crow. “I thought his voice was awful but that didn’t stop him. I’ve won several Grammy awards — I know talent when I hear it. But he had his close circle of friends who just agreed with him that he sounded better than Johnny Cash.”

The New York Daily News reported last year that Crow, “provided information” to federal investigators, however no specifics on that testimony have come out until now. Crow was granted immunity from prosecution in return for the disturbing details of Armstrong’s off-key singing.

Armstrong was completely open about it,” the book revealed. “He figured he’d win seven Tours, cut a few award winning country western CD’s and then run for president of the United States. He knew he looked good in that cowboy hat.”

A pre-release copy of the book goes into detail about Armstrong’s aborted plans to hire several top Nashville song writers, his failed singing lessons and the erasing of several initial recordings attempts.

According to the book’s authors, Crow grew increasingly uneasy about Armstrong’s attempts at singing. “I pleaded with him to get help. He could afford the best backup singers money could buy. You can cover up a lot of stuff with studio tricks. But he wouldn’t listen, telling me he had the best voice in the peloton,” recounts Crow.

Armstrong may yet face the music. New UCI president Brian Cookson has invited Armstrong to testify about his doping and singing for a yet-to-be-formed Truth & Reconciliation panel. The Texan has not yet revealed whether he will take part or whether he will perform solo or with a backup band.




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    Matt, this is hilarious…again lance took what he could until his BS (true voice) was clear

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      Thanks Grio, I though it was one of my funnier posts. Matt

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