Riders leave Pegasus, have no time for Christina Watches.

/, Michael Rasmussen/Riders leave Pegasus, have no time for Christina Watches.

Riders leave Pegasus, have no time for Christina Watches.

Tuft back in his Garmin days.

As riders dismount from the mythical (more by the day) Pegasus outfit and sign with other teams, here’s one headline we haven’t read: _____ inks deal with Christina Watches. Does that strike you as odd or expected?

While Michael Rasmussen, the captain of the crusted diamond time piece squad claims to have 100 resumes in his hand, it appears that so far not one of them is from Pegasus.

Canadian Svein Tuft has signed for Team Spidertech and Dominique Cornu found himself a spot at Topsport Vlaanderen-Mercator. Rumors have Radio Shack possibly adding a rider or two and Fly V taking on some of the guys who’d ridden for them in the past. Rockin’ Robbie McEwen, still with a bit of speed left at 38,  is contemplating retirement.

There hasn’t been one half rumor or fabrication about any riders headed toward Christina and the Chicken. Makes you wonder who those 100 people are on that list of hopefuls. Sounds like this is just another crazy dance that Rasmussen has invented. We’re hearing a lot of music but nobody is one the dance floor.

When a team suddenly implodes and none of the riders even give Christina Watches the time of day, that’s not a hopeful sign for a team hoping to fill a roster and recieve an invite to a real bike race.

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