Chicken has a team! Christina Watches ticks.

/, Michael Rasmussen/Chicken has a team! Christina Watches ticks.

Chicken has a team! Christina Watches ticks.

The Watch Team: Michael & Christina

Christina & the Chicken. Makes us think of James & the Giant Peach. Or Goldilocks and the MadHatter.

The Danish diamond-crusted watch designer was true to her word today, announcing a new team for Michael Rasmussen. No wonder she’s won the Entrepreneur of the year award back in the home country.

Doing the paperwork and creating a support structure from scratch at the last hour would have been tough. So she simply bought Danish Continental Team Stenca Trading M1 and took over their Continental license and logistics. A sweet move.

No team kit was unveiled at the presentation in Herning, Denmark. However, the new Christina Watches team does have a slogan.

“Everybody deserve a second chance’ – and it will show in our rider signings. Michael Rasmussen is the sole captain of the team,” said Claus Hembo, design director of the sponsor company.

That’s a good way to fire up the rumor machine. Slim pickings out there for available riders but not if you’re willing to work the second chance attitude. Is Floyd Landis ready to ride for Christina? Has she already flown to his secluded Idyllwild, California cabin with a nice watch and a contract?

The cell phone is ringing and it’s Stefan Schumacher looking for a race bike and a paycheck. Does he deserve a second chance on Christina’s watch? This is the half way house with a Conti license. Wassup Dave Rebellin, feeling lonely and 40? There’s hope for you, buddy.

And hey, how far does this second chance thing go? Is there a place for Danish serial killer Peter Lundin? Maybe he could drive the team bus.

Let’s not stop there because what about sponsors? They should get a second chance, too. If Geox decides to pull the plug on their new team because of a failure to secure a ProTeam license, we say, talk to Christina. Geox could jump in for half what they’d spend at the other team with twice the publicity. Geox, shoes, Christina, watches, a perfect fashion alignment.

Watch out, folks. First there was Festina and now there’s crazy Christina. Why not bring in Richard Virenque as director sportif and compete the watch-making. A one cycling forum writer put it– brilliantly — “Cycling teams should be like hot women. Dirty, but not too dirty.” Slab of genius.

Let this be a lesson for us all: when your life hits rock bottom, personally and financially, get yourself on a celebrity dance show and change your life for the better. Chapeau, Chicken.

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