Rabobank’s Gesink down a leg.

//Rabobank’s Gesink down a leg.

Rabobank’s Gesink down a leg.

Gesink in Colorado tunnel.

These spindly little GC guys are fragile. These should have yellow tape across their jerseys with the words “delicate. Handle with care.”

A training ride crash has put Gesink in a hospital in Holland and the early word is he has suffered a fracture to his right leg. Gesink recently finished 2nd in the GP Quebec and that looks to be his last race of the year, season kaput.

Our last memorable picture of Gesink was at opening prologue of the US Pro Cycling Challenge. The day was very hot and lacking a tent for the warm-up, Rabobank found the tunnel instead, taking his trainer down into the underpass tunnel between the team buses and start ramp.

The sight of Gesink hammering on the trainer alone along the concrete wall as dozens of riders rode past for their start was a classic moment.

Here’s hoping he mends quickly and eats a few hamburgers in the off-season.

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