Pro cycling tweets. Hooray for the fakes.

//Pro cycling tweets. Hooray for the fakes.

Pro cycling tweets. Hooray for the fakes.

Who is real, really?

Twisted Spoke: your number one resource for cycling fakes.

Pro cycling is a crazy sport loaded with strange characters and nowhere is that more obvious than twitter.

The endless doping controversies, charges and counter charges and the general mismanagement of the sport have given rise to new twitter identities.

Twisted Spoke notes with much hilarity that among our followers in tweet-dom is Fake UCI, Not Pat McQuaid and Not Hein Verbruggen.

What’s even funnier is that these three follow each other on twitter. The faux Verbruggen reads the tweets of the faux McQuaid and fake UCI. There’s an amusing parallel universe quality to all that.

And let’s not overlook some other fakes, in the former rider world. We have the alter ego of Floyd Landis, Fake Floyd and according to some people, Lance Armstrong’s Mexican twin brother, Juan Pelota. Lance’s long time director sportif Johan Bruyneel also gets the faux tweet treatment at FakeBruyneel. There’s even a Fake Cav!

There’s a deeper message in here somewhere with all these fakes. When the real world of pro cycling becomes a joke because of doping and mismanagement, it gives rise to an alternate reality of impostors.

Now all we need to round out the twitter handles is Fake Novitzky, the Federal investigator looking into the Armstrong doping allegations, Not The Spanish Cycling Federation, a funny riff on anything to do with the most nationalist federation in sports, Fake CAS, the alternative to the Swiss Arbitration court and finally, Not The Pistolero, funny and bitter tweets from the embattled tour champion.

Twisted Spoke might have to write the Fake Spanish Federation one. Just too tempting. Did we miss anything?

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  1. Sam March 24, 2011 at 9:15 am - Reply

    The "I'm Not really A Cobra, I just Play One On A Bike" and the "She's Not My Girlfriend Anymore, Now That She's Been Busted Too" for Ricco and the Girl on the Cross Bike.

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