Pozzatto to attempt Hour Record?

//Pozzatto to attempt Hour Record?

Pozzatto to attempt Hour Record?

Ready for the Hour?


With race results in obvious decline and media attention at an all-time low, Italian Filippo Pozzato is said to be considering an attempt on the Hour Record.

The Italian hasn’t done anything in a race of note since the 2012 Tour of Flanders. At this point in his career, he is best known for his tattoos, inflated self-importance and failed potential. However, Pozzato is motivated to turn things around with a bold attempt on the Hour Record currently held by Matthias Brändle.

“I want to do it, it is a mission and the people will see what Pozzato is made of,” said the Italian. “I am not afraid of the clock just as I am not afraid of Boonen or Cancellara or anyone else who constantly beats and embarrasses me. And who is Jens Voigt, really? I am more popular than him.”

Pozzato will start his season with his Lampre-Merida squad at the Tour de San Luis in Argentina before retuning to Italy in preparation for his bid at Hour glory. “I am Pozzato, I speak of myself in the third person, I know what I am capable of. First I will get a new tattoo with a clock or perhaps an hour glass — something cool. Then I will do some specific training,” said Pozzato.

While BMC’s Rohan Dennis will use his track background and skills as a top time trial rider to prepare for his own Hour attempt, Pozzato is taking a different approach. “I would  start at a cafe and talk about it a lot. Get used to the idea mentally before physically pushing myself. I like cappuccinos. Yes, talk is good.”

Rumors that bike sponsor Merida would build Pozzato a Hour machine has proven false. He plans to tackle the hour with his stock road bike with minor modifications. “I think a new paint job would be a good thing. Something flashy that says “go fast.” I will probably get a new pair of shoes and I will arrange an appointment with my hair stylist,” said Pozzato.

No specific date has been set for Pozzato’s attempt at the Hour Record but he is unperturbed. “When I am ready, the record will fall. But first I will build up to it. Sixty minutes is a long time,” said Pozzato. “Perhaps I should break the 47 Minute Record, then the 53 Minute Record before I go for the full sixty. I must think. I will get a cappuccino.”





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