Phinney misquoted, not taking Giro “day by day.”

//Phinney misquoted, not taking Giro “day by day.”

Phinney misquoted, not taking Giro “day by day.”


Phinney dealing with day by day confusion.


Rest day confusion is bound to happen. Maglia rosa Taylor Phinney was angered by media reports that he was taking the Giro d’Italia “day by day.”

“What’s with those Gazzetto Deli Sporto bozos? They always misquote me,” said Phinney.” I kinda grew up in Italy, I’m half way fluent  but I specifically said I was taking the Giro “day by other day.”

The cycling cliche is often delivered by a rider who isn’t looking too far ahead and has no confidence or imagination to comment on future events. Nevertheless, the inaccurate media report seemed to infuriate the young BMC Racing super star.

“Come on, really, day by day? I’d say something lame like that? No, I was being ironic, trying to be funny,” said Phinney. “I made the joke and then said I was taking the race day by other day. I said it in Italian and English. Jesus.”

Careful riders like Cadel Evans have popularized the “day by day” assessment of events and more than a few media people have fallen asleep in the middle of writing their stories based on witless cliches like this but Phinney isn’t playing that game.

“I got the jersey at 21 years of age. I am a rock star, I am not some dull idiot who is afraid of his own shadow. I said “every other day.”  If I can’t play a few jokes on the media, it’s hardly worth the training.”

Famed cycling journalist John Wilcockson said he’s heard the “day by day” cliché for almost 40 years. “Riders who say “day by day” also like to say that they have ‘good sensations’ or not,” said Wilcockson.

Italian Ivan Basso is also taking the Giro “day by day,” a fact that irritates Phinney. “Again, am I trying to be somebody else? Am I that old school? Am I really that lacking in imagination? I tweet at lot of interesting shit,” aid Phinney. “I would never say something so witless.”

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