McQuaid. Is he done?

//McQuaid. Is he done?

McQuaid. Is he done?

Yes, McQuaid has about five days.


It’s tempting to think that we’ve almost gotten rid of UCI president-hack Patrick McQuaid, the Great Impediment to clean cycling.

Cycling Ireland has had their Extraordinary General Meeting at the Red Cow in Dublin and voted not to endorse him for another term. Applause all around and let’s raise several pints of Guinness. Then again, we’re not done with him quite yet.

As Joe Lindsey of the Boulder Report pointed out a few days ago, the UCI rules state that a candidate must have an endorsement for 90 days before the World Championships and the UCI Congress. Those championships begin on September 21st in Florence, Italy. Based on those dates, Mad Pat less than a week to get himself a Swiss Federation nomination.

Now McQuaid thought he had that Swiss nomination all sewn up in May but now nobody is exactly sure what they approved and there’s a legal challenge to overthrow that decision.

So our reading is that given the fast approaching deadline, McQuaid will have to cut a deal to get that end date pushed back so he has enough breathing room to win the Swiss nomination. Hey, he runs the UCI so we’re guessing he can switch the dates. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a “postponement.”

What’s most worrisome is that when you look at the Cycling Ireland vote, mostĀ of the commissions and board members voted in favor of McQuaid. In spite of all his lying and incompetence and arrogance and lack of vision, they voted to approve him a third time. It was only the clubs and their members that swung the vote against him by 17 votes.

This would suggest that even with the firestorm of criticism surrounding McQuaid, if the vote is left just to the Swiss board members, he’s likely to get that nomination. The Swiss aren’t going to open up the vote for their own Extraordinary General Meeting. Hopefully, Ireland will have shamed the Swiss Federation and they won’t want the responsibility of giving him the go-ahead.

Now as mentioned, there’a legal challenge to McQuaid’s attempts to secure the nomination in Switzerland. That final ruling isn’t scheduled so it won’t happen before the 90 day deadline is up.

Right now Patrick McQuaid is fighting for his political and cocktail circuit life. If he pulls the nomination out and beats Cookson, you’d almost have to salute his Machiavellian skills.


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