McQuaid fools Irish Cycling.

//McQuaid fools Irish Cycling.

McQuaid fools Irish Cycling.

Patrick McQuaid received the endorsement of Irish Cycling for a third consecutive term as UCI president.

However in return for their support, Irish Cycling asked McQuaid to bring up two issues with the UCI that are the exact reasons why McQuaid should never have recieved their backing in the first place: governance and ethics.

Like Twisted Spoke, you’re probably having an intense WTF moment. We wouldn’t endorse McQuaid for any position other than running a dive bar in Dublin.

The McQuaid-Verbruggan show is one of the most corrupt, cynical, under-qualified and vision-free in all of sports history.

If we had all day we could probably work our way through the list of McQuaid’s faults and transgressions but it’s the weekend and we’re really not in the mood.

Still, let’s have a quick reminder of McQuaid’s recent failures. In the firestorm created by the USADA Reasoned Decision, McQuaid was finally forced to create an independent commission to examine the role of the UCI in allowing doping to run rampant.

McQuaid restricted the commission’s mandate and work time and insisted they deliver a private report for the UCI to approve. There’s about three conflicts of interest right there in McQuaid’s attempt to control an independent commission.

Then he disbands the commission with the excuse that financially the UCI can’t afford two commissions since everyone is demanding a Truth & Reconciliation Board. Note the total lack of leadership here — as Lance Armstrong himself said, McQuaid is always in CYA mode — cover your ass.

Showing his usual disinterest in reform, McQuaid and the UCI couldn’t work out any T&R arrangement with WADA. Bureaucratic squabbles, insults and counter insults, nothing happens, business as usual at the UCI.

It should be noted that McQuaid is a master at stalling, shifting blame, bait and switching and sabotaging reforms. There’s almost never any follow-through and that’s an intentional modus operandi.

McQuaid did everything he could to shift media attention and play for time, hoping the USADA shockwaves would pass over and he could return to the cocktail circuit.

After years of showing zero interest in reforming the race calendar and race promotion, suddenly he announces that an entirely new pro cycling format proposed by the Gifted Group is in final discussions. Anything to appear proactive and get Travis Tygart and Change Cycling Now off his back.

As usual, nothing happened. Like the independent commission and truth and reconciliation, the new race format plans simply disappeared. It was all just noise signifying nothing except a desperate attempt to remain in power.

One of McQuaid’s specialities besides indignant hot air is a lack of follow-through. Like his threats to take anti-doping crusader and journalist Paul Kimmage to court. Once the Irish writer received enough donations to mount a legal defense, McQuaid backed down.

Yet somehow, some way, he convinced his mates at Irish Cycling that he has done a fine job at the UCI. That is perhaps his most astounding achievement: running on a record that by everyone else’s account is a disaster and embarrassment yet somehow calling it a success.

Twisted Spoke is sure there were a few celebratory rounds of drinks after the vote. But in our opinion there wasn’t anything worth toasting.

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  1. Rp April 13, 2013 at 4:28 pm - Reply

    Cheers to you people at TwistedSpoke!
    Can’t someone please make McQuaid go away?
    He’s bad for good cycling.

    • walshworld April 14, 2013 at 2:36 pm - Reply

      Bad, bad, bad. McQuaid is bad in every sense of the word. Matt

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