Landis avoid jail in France, implicated in Hawaii?

//Landis avoid jail in France, implicated in Hawaii?

Landis avoid jail in France, implicated in Hawaii?

DId Landis throw rock at Lance in Hawaii?

Whew! Floyd Landis dodged a deadly bullet there! A French court handed him a suspended sentence of 18 months in prison for his 2006 hack job into the Laboratoire Anti-dopage.

Floyd didn’t show up for the kangaroo court in France but we’re sure he was afraid for his life. After all, Landis loves to vacation in France and the mere thought of being cut off from French culture might just have pushed him over the edge into suicide. Many cycling fans do not know that Landis spends many evenings listening to old Edith Piaf records while nursing a glass of Pernod.

The court decided that Floyd and his former trainer Arnie Baker knew the information they were using was fraudulent but could not prove the two evil scofflaws were the origin of the computer hacking. The Mad Mennonite eludes the French authorities once again.

The 2006 ex-winner of the Tour de France tried to pick through the French doping lab computers hoping to find something to contest his positive dope-test from stage 16. Hack or no hack, they stripped his title and he lost all appeals, eventually going bankrupt.

That may not be the only court case that Landis has on his plate. Rumors continue to circulate that Landis had traveled to Hawaii to disrupt Lance Armstrong’s performance at the Xterra World Championships.

The seven-time Tour de France champion got off to a good start but crashed heavily in the final section of the MTB portion, banging his head and cracking his helmet. Investigators are checking reports that Landis in fact, threw a large rock at Armstrong, causing the most-tested-athlete-in-sports to crash.

Armstrong himself said he was dazed and had no idea exactly how the dangerous fall occurred. He finished the endurance event in 23rd place.

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