Lance is back in the newzzzzzzzzz.

//Lance is back in the newzzzzzzzzz.

Lance is back in the newzzzzzzzzz.


Lance at Mellow Johnnys


The BBC has an in-depth, hard hitting, face-to-face interview with Lance Armstrong. The question would be why, really?

There is absolutely nothing new here — a fresh fact, insight, admission, angle, anything. Let’s list the high-points of this  interview:

1  He still doesn’t feel bad about doping and would do in all over again in similar circumstance.

2  He’s really sorry about his nasty behavior to people like Lemond, the Andreus and Emma O’Reilly.

3  He is still rich no matter what happens with the lawsuits

4  He thinks his lifetime ban is unfair.

5  He says USADA had a personal vendetta against him.

6  He keeps worrying about his kids being hassled at their school about his doping and lying and cheating

7  He believes everyone should just move on now.

8  He wants to get back to doing good things for charity.

9  He considers himself the winner of those seven Tours de France.

10 He is sure that if he hadn’t done his comeback, he never would have been caught.

Okay, there you have it, big revelations, huh?

The only small detail: Interviewer Dan Roan thinks Lance’s eyes look sad.

So, what exactly was the point of this interview and what exactly makes it anything but old news from two years ago?



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