Holding back a Cobra. Ricco’s mini-ban extended.

//Holding back a Cobra. Ricco’s mini-ban extended.

Holding back a Cobra. Ricco’s mini-ban extended.

Cobra and company.

Italian cycling justice– there’s just nothing like it — unless you prefer something more in the Theater of the Absurd vein — like the Spanish Cycling Federation rulings.

CONI, which we’re ready to rename COMEDY — just announced they have extended their short term, ain’t-figured-out-anything-definitive-just-yet ban on Riccardo Ricco.

Ricco was hoping to get back to racing with his latest foolish employer Meridiana-Kamen on August 10th when his two month mini-ban ends. CONI tacked on another 30 days while they keep dragging around trying to decide if the cobra transfused his own lukewarm blood and almost killed himself back in February.

Well, five months later COMEDY still has not decided who is telling the truth — the Cobra or the hospital doctor who testified that the disgraced rider admitted to the botched transfusion.

Then again, the Italian anti-doping authorities are still on their two year wandering in the dark quest to see if Alessandro Ballan took performance enhancing drugs. They keep calling all the Lampre riders under investigation back again and again. Makes you think they only ask one question per session.

But that’s bike racing justice. The riders are fast, the judges are slow and everybody else just scratches their heads and asks why.

Hey, how about that Alberto Contador? Maybe there’s a court date for the Court of Arbitration in Sport in November and maybe there’s not.

We’re at 15 months on that one, waiting, waiting, waiting. Pure comedy at this point.

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  1. Emily August 4, 2011 at 5:52 pm - Reply

    so true…it's all completely ridiculous!!!! Only in Europe hey!

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