Hincapie Sportswear the offical team kit of BMC Racing. No yellow, no worries.

//Hincapie Sportswear the offical team kit of BMC Racing. No yellow, no worries.

Hincapie Sportswear the offical team kit of BMC Racing. No yellow, no worries.

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George Hincapie barely missed out on wearing the yellow jersey in this years’ Tour De France. Now, he has a better idea: wear his own jerseys and make piles of money doing it. Screw yellow, I’m making green.

Hincapie Sportswear, the company George and his brother Rich started in 2003, will now supply cycling apparel for the BMC Racing Team in 2010. When Hincapie signed with BMC, there was obviously a “clothing clause” in the contract.

This is the kind of cross marketing and self promotion that made America strong. The whole BMC is riding for big George now, baby. Cha-ching, cha-ching. Twisted Spoke sees former world champion and new BMC team-mate Alessandro Ballan pointing to his Hincapie socks when the motorcycle photographer zooms close. Or new signing Karsten Kroon talking up the snug fit of his new Hincapie bib in interviews.

This brings up all sorts of cool marketing possibilities: riders can hawk Hincapie apparel right after sign-in. Work the crowd a little — “Hincapie short, $44 dollars.” If the race is well in hand, the feed zone is a perfect place to stop and show fans the new fabrics.

When George wins, a quick trip to the team bus and presto-chango, our man steps to the podium in the Hincapie premium denim–in four distinct colors and styles.

This plan also builds team unity at BMC. You don’t have to do the crazy Saxo Bank winter guerilla camping routine. It’s the little things that bring a team closer together. “George, there’s a thread loose on my knickers.” “No problem,” says Hincapie, “let me sew that back on.”

And all this is just a prelude to the new sexy compression lingerie that Hincapie has in the works. Recovery will never be so dull and sterile again.

We’re sure missing that yellow jersey hurt George. But it’s just a jersey. Hincapie has a ton of those at his website and BMC wants plenty. And by the way Mr. Hincapie, consider this a plug and I’m an XL. Thanks, buddy.


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  1. Alvin Mirabal February 1, 2010 at 7:38 pm - Reply

    Hi! I am a fan of George Hincapie and the BMC Racing team and would love to buy an official BMC red jersey and BIB! Where I can get it in the US? Thanks! Alvin Mirabal.

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