Griepel wins sprint finish in Madrid. Headscissor takedown not used.

//Griepel wins sprint finish in Madrid. Headscissor takedown not used.

Griepel wins sprint finish in Madrid. Headscissor takedown not used.


Andre Griepel (Columbia-HTC) won the final sprint stage of the Vuelta in Madrid on Sunday. It’s  his fourth victory in this years’ Tour of Spain for the man they call Andre the Giant.

This is not to be confused with the other Andre the Giant, the famous wrestler who was 7’4″ and 540 pounds. Imagine the bike frame for a guy like that. The carbon fiber would splinter like matchsticks.

Although Greipel has taken on Tom Boonen, Tyler Farrar and Gerald Ciolek, he has never faced Hulk Hogan, Jake “the Snake” Roberts or Randy “Macho Man” Savage. He’s ridden some big races but the Columbia rider has never taken part in WrestleMania. We doubt he knows how to execute a Gorilla press slam or a Belly Piledriver.

We’re also sure that the German Andre is not called “The Greatest Drunk on Earth,” a title Andre the wrestler won by downing 119 12-ounce beers in six hours. You know, a sip or two of champagne to celebrate a stage win is fine but over a hundred beers? Not a wise idea.

Does Greipel have a posse?

And finally, what is the likelihood that Andre Greipel has a street art graffiti campaign like the other giant? Or a documentary film to explain this crazy phenomenon. Nevertheless, four wins in the Veulta is impressive, a Mark Cavendish-size haul. Not giant, but undeniably big.

Regular reader Henkio asked that I stop bashing Alejandro Valverde so I’m taking a break on that. I’ll leave that to the folks at cyclingnews. in their wrap-up of the Vuelta. Thanks to everyone who has been reading my Vuelta posts. I’ll continue to cover all the bigger races. See you at the World Championships in Mendrisio, Switzerland. Someone will soon have a huge win, giant sized. Maybe, just maybe, should the win approach heroic proportion, they’ll even have a posse.

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