Di Luca changes mind, signs for Gelato & Spumoni.

//Di Luca changes mind, signs for Gelato & Spumoni.

Di Luca changes mind, signs for Gelato & Spumoni.

Di Luca Gelato flavor.

At the last hour, Danilo di Luca has decided not to sign with Acqua & Sapone for the coming season. Instead, he plans to ink a one-year deal with Gelato & Spumoni.

Apparently, DI Luca returned to his priest Marco Pozza and the 500 children who had helped him through his confession for doping. In a two hour session, the children were adamant that the italian, who won the 2007 Giro d’Italia, ride for an ice cream sponsor.

The idea was that riding for a sponsor who provides joy and excitment for children would be the best way to rehabilitate his image and connect with a new generation of tifosi.

Di Luca immediately agreed and with his lawyer wrote up a contract and signed it. Unfortunately for Di Luca and the children, there is no Gelato & Spumoni squad. Swept aware by their wild enthusiasm for the idea, the children failed to remember the difference between fantasy and reality.

Di Luca however remains hopeful. “We are already in advanced talks with several ice cream manufacturers and dessert companies. This formation is more than possible and I am throwing myself into the project with great passion,” said Di Luca. “I cannot let the children down.

The turn of events was met with shock by Luca Scinto, team manager of Acqua & Sapone. “We had a deal in place and now the priest and those children have had a mess of things,” said Scinto. “Di Luca is not thinking clearly and I only hope we can set things right.”

Despite the obvious hurdles, Di Luca’s priest Marco Pozza is confident that the ice cream team will come to pass. “Everyone can make mistakes in life but I think Danilo wants to rebuild his career and his dignity,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport. “Everybody loves ice cream and everybody will love Danilo again. Gelato & Spumoni will exist, God willing.”

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