Cyclepassion calendar. 12 months of time-sensitive erotica.

//Cyclepassion calendar. 12 months of time-sensitive erotica.

Cyclepassion calendar. 12 months of time-sensitive erotica.

Cyclepassion is a good thing.

Here at Twisted Spoke, one of the most thrilling cycling events of year occurs every December. It’s the arrival of the new Cyclepassion calendar –Anke Wilken’s stunning and artistic and vaguely Helmut Newton inspired ode to female bike porn. Why it’s even more amazing that the new Allen Lim Feedzone Cookbook.

We can honestly say that in the hierarchy of essential cycling events we must see, our ranking would be Tour de France, Paris-Roubix, Cyclepassion calendar, Giro, Tour of Flanders.

That’s no slight on the GIro or Flanders or even Milan-San Remo and Liege-Bastogne-Leige. It’s just that these photos are so styled and sexy and fantasy-inducing.

This year the biker model babes are Veronica Andreasson, Pauline Ferrand Prevot, Liz Hatch, Hanna Klein, Katherine O’Shea, Marion Rouse and the sassy Maja Wioszczowska. A woman with two Zs in her name is always hot.

Even if you you’re a family man, you can still keep it under your bed or hidden in the garage and take a peak once in a while.

So order one up because really, despite smart phones and ipads and laptops, wouldn’t you still rather consult the Cyclepassion calendar when faced with the core question, what day is it today?

Dream job: cyclepassion production assistant.

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