Contador’s Tour de France self-belief.

//Contador’s Tour de France self-belief.

Contador’s Tour de France self-belief.


Contador nightmare

The rapid approach to the 100th Tour de France can be considered as a test of confidence, experience and track record.

Alberto Contador has won several Tours de France. The exact mathematical number is open to interpretation as Alberto continues to insist that the 2010 Tour de France remains his despite the legal issue with the steak con clenbuteral. Butchers and lawyers are both problematic.

Hey, who are we to niggle about an adverse finding well below the testing threshold that only a German lab obsessed with the evil of doping could find? Such is life and by golly ain’t that mister Manolo Saiz a nice man –although he does curse a lot.

In any case, we have ourselves an interesting and evolving story in the so-altered Dolphin. Contador has the confidence to say that the results from this stage race in France three weeks before the real deal kicks off in Corsica is essentially meaningless. That’s no matter what the emaciated South African Chris Froome does with his legs.

Contador has underwhelmed in the time trail and the first mountain stage and he just doesn’t give a shit. That would be loose, inconsequential talk from a rookie but the Spaniard is well versed in the Tour build up. He knows exactly what he’s doing and exactly what is still to be gained in terms of form.

Contador say he is exactly where he needs to be and we believe him word for word. We think El Pistolero knows the full extent of the challenge he faces. That’s not just the skinny climber Froome but the entire Sky Juggernaut.

So you have to be impressed with Contador’s approach and enduring confidence that he’s on track. It’s our contention that rival old man Cadel Evans doesn’t have a hope in Hell of battling Froome after a freezing and cold and brutal Giro. Not enough recovery time for that debacle.

We’ve already crossed out Evans and Wiggins as serious rivals for Froome. And can we finally put this Giro-Tour nonsense behind us? Bring back the juiced and dead Pantani or shut the fuck up.

So we still have Contador as Froome-killer numero uno in this Tour de France. Since Giro winner Vincenzo Nibali isn’t making the trip, there’s only one bad-ass hit man in the race. A rider who will attack when least expected — ask Rodriguez about the Vuelta — and who doesn’t care about the Sky Script or the list of variables.

Yes, Alberto is on track no matter what the Dauphine results claim. Contador has his eyes on only one prize and we think he has a damn god chance of getting it.








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