Cofidis retaliates with raid on home of Tour boss.

//Cofidis retaliates with raid on home of Tour boss.

Cofidis retaliates with raid on home of Tour boss.


Cofidis turns table on Prudhomme.


According to initial reports, French Pro Continental squad Cofidis has retaliated for the search of the team hotel on the first rest day by searching Tour Boss Christian Prudhomme’s house.

Several Cofidis employees apparently disguised as gendarmes carried out a bold raid of Prudhomme’s house in Vannes on the second rest day. The head of ASO was obviously not present but his wife was shocked and embarrassed.

However, she became suspicious when the so-called police searched through her financial records and suggested she could get a better loan rate at Cofidis. When they tried to sell her on moving the portfolio to Cofidis, she knew she wasn’t dealing with the police.

“At first, I did not know what to think. It made no sense what they were doing, “said Sophie Prudehomme. “They were strange and I realized their uniforms did not match. When I told them so, they left quickly.”

A spokesman for Cofidis did not deny that the bizarre raid took place. “They embarrassed us at the Tour,” said Pierre Drôle. “So we say thank-you, Monsieur Prudehomme for sending the police to our hotel and taking away that jerk Di Gregorio we hired from Astana. Like he is our fault.”

If Drôle is to be believed, they confiscated several medications from the Prudehomme household that may or may not contain banned substances. “The bottles had long, complicated medical names. Who can say for sure what they are for?” said Drôle. “We are having them analyzed at a lab and you can be sure, we will find something.”

Prudhomme refused to comment on the veracity of the story, only offering the statement that perhaps there was one too many French teams in Le Tour and that he would rectify that for the 100th edition next year.





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