Cavendish in Turkey. Ungrade time?

//Cavendish in Turkey. Ungrade time?

Cavendish in Turkey. Ungrade time?

Cav. A Turkish upgrade.


The Tour of Turkey, whatever its merits or detractions, is forever classified as one of those “shit small races.”

That’s the caustic encapsulation that the Maxman gave Turkey four years ago when he was discussing his rival Andre Griepel. It was Cavendish’s contention that the German wasn’t anywhere near his speed and would only ever win shit small races like Turkey.

So we always get a laugh when we read Cavendish is at the Tour of Turkey. We also wonder what kind of reception he gets there. Then again, they’re probably thrilled to have Cavendish and have shit small memories — so they can’t recall his damning remarks.

Well Cav is in Turkey and he picked up two wins quickly. However, the incremental comedy is that he’s also lost two stages to¬†Elia Viviani (Cannondale).

Based on those two losses, we’re in a quandary about how to react. We’d like to applaud the Italian’s victories but Turkey is a shit small race. Then again, he beat the world’s second fastest sprinter Cavendish to the line so it can’t be considered a shit small race.

Our small mind simply doesn’t know what to think. Should we petition Cavendish for a UCI-style upgrade for the Tour of Turkey? For example, would he be willing to now call Turkey a shit medium race? In his generosity, might he even consider bumping it into the “almost meaningful shit race.”

It seems fair at this point that if Cavendish is going to celebrate his wins in Turkey and spray champagne and wear the leaders jersey that, if only for his own sake, he raise his opinion of Turkey.

It would be a shitty thing to do otherwise.

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