Bugno helicopter key to attack on UCI headquarters.

//Bugno helicopter key to attack on UCI headquarters.

Bugno helicopter key to attack on UCI headquarters.

Bugno ready to roll.

Make no mistake: The goal of Change Cycling Now is the immediate overthrow of Patrick McQuaid and his corrupt and incompetent UCI minions.

This is a coordinated, aggressive and fast-moving operation that has every intention of removing McQuaid from power in one bold stroke.

To be clear: there is no disguising this mission because it’s the last word in the name of the crusading group. This is a hunt & kill scenario, a surgical strike, a paramilitary hit team that will take no prisoners.

Think Twisted Spoke is pulling your leg off the bike? Think again. We know for a fact that Paul Kimmage, David Walsh, Greg Lemond, Michael Ashenden and Jonathan Vaughters will stop at nothing to get rid of a dictator who threatens to destroy cycling.

The only proof you need is this: one of the core members of Cycle Cycling Now is a highly trained helicopter pilot. That’s right. They are planning a raid on UCI headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland to capture Patrick McQuaid and put him on trial before The Hague court for crimes against sport.

Only a fool would think that the presence of Gianni Bugno is required because he is the head of a riders group. No, Bugno is on board because he’s a trained helicopter pilot.

Media participation at the Cycle Cycling Now summit last week in London was almost nonexistent. Ask yourself why. Because Kimmage and company were in the final planning stages required to green light operation Mad Pat.

They’ve decided the stakes are too high to wait for McQuaid to resign. They’ve already named Greg Lemond as an interim president. Now, all that’s left is to deliver him to power in a take-over bid in Aigle, Switzerland.

Play through the logistics and you understand the daring simplicity of the mission. Kimmage, Ashenden and Lemond meet Bugno at his chopper just a few kilometers short of the Swiss border with Italy.

At midnight, Bugno and his team lift off and one hour later he sets the chopper down a few hundred meters from UCI headquarters. At this hour, the building has minimal security measures and no personnel. In minutes the strike squad has the place under new management.

When the unsuspecting McQuaid arrives the next morning, phase two of the operation goes into action. While Lemond sets up shop in the president’s’ office, McQuaid is handcuffed, blindfolded and escorted to the chopper. It’s back to Italy and a van that’s waiting to take the former president to a safe house near The Hague court.

In the meantime, it’s a bright, new dawn in pro cycling. Interim President Lemond and Vaughters immediately announce the formation of a Truth & Reconciliation commission. Ashenden hands over all anti-doping control to WADA and Kimmage has fun digging through the private records of McQuaid and Verbruggan.

Just for grins Lemond takes time to ban Astana’s Alexander Vinokourov from the sport for life. SKINS president Jamie Fuller launches a special Post-Pat sale with 50% off all compression wear for a limited time only. Walsh? He writes another book, this time called From Pat And Hein to Greg. A Hard Ride Toward The Light.

The future of pro cycling is being written as we speak and Change Cycling Now is the agent of that change. In this sound and fury, our advice is this: keep your eyes on Gianni Bugo because he’s the only one with the helicopter.

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  1. The SuperStorm December 6, 2012 at 4:04 pm - Reply

    In his book “We Were Young And Carefree” the late legendary “Professor”, Laurent Fignon, talked of his days at Chateau D’Ax (Johnny Beehive’s Team) in the last days of his career and the doping that was going on. Little Johnny was el Capitan of that team. Was he doping? He’s never admitted to it. Is the Beehive legit? Not sure. Based on his performances in the late ’80’s – ’90’s, I think not. But, and its a bigun, the Tiffosi well know their stars have a long history of questionable victories. IMHO, having Johnny around doesn’t lend street cred to CCN. Our “Man of the World” (Lemond) certainly has cred in spades. Who I would like to see move forward and take a stand against Patty Boy, is none other than the “Badger” himself. Bernie is “Obiwan Kenobi” and Greg is “Luke Skywalker”. “Vader” is McQuad and the “Emperor” is Verbruggen. Will Obiwan challenge Vader?Will Luke succomb to the Emperor? Now is the time…
    …the force will be with us.
    No Helicopters needed.

    • walshworld December 6, 2012 at 4:37 pm - Reply

      The Badger and Lemond working together again? It could happen. Here’s the talent that Bernard Hinault brings to the CCN group. As he has proven many times at the Tour de France podium presentations, he knows how to push bozos off stage. How much would we all pay to see the Badger give McQuaid a hard shove out of the UCI? Matt

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