Boswell to battle Dombrowski in Tour of California?

//Boswell to battle Dombrowski in Tour of California?

Boswell to battle Dombrowski in Tour of California?


Boswell, TOC 2014. photo twisted spoke

You know how this goes, right? It’s like one of those TV sitcoms with the two young dudes, good friends, first job in the city, and pretty soon they’re fighting over the same girl or promotion or whatever.

Is that what we’re going to see in this year’s Tour of California? Former teammates at Bontrager-Livestrong and Sky and former roommates in Nice, France, Ian Boswell and Joe Dombrowski battling each other up Mount Baldy?

It could well happen. In today’s Velonews, Boswell, now on year three of his Sky service, said he’s targeting California. Last year’s winner and team captain Sir Bradley Wiggins won’t be there and neither will Chris Froome and Richie Porte. It’s a Sky vacuum that he’d like to fill. “It’s a race where I can put my hand up and say I want to have some opportunity there,” said Boswell.

It’s the same plan for Joe Dombrowski, who left Sky after two disappointing years marred by a mysterious leg problem. He’s now with Garmin-Cannondale and back to full power after successful surgery work on his damaged iliac artery. He’s slated to ride the Tour of California — as he did last season when both he and Boswell provided backup for a dominant overall victory by Wiggins.

Coming back from the injury, Dombrowski has stayed away from any bold predictions but you can bet he wants to shine in California where he put in his best performances last season. “Hopefully in a new team with both a fun environment and some good opportunities at my feet, I’d really like to take advantage of all that,” said Dombrowski.

Two years ago Twisted Spoke would have placed a bet on Dombrowski being far more successful at the WorldTour level than his former roomie Boswell. So far you’d have to say that Boswell has faired just as well, if not better.

But we’ve got a feeling that Dombrowski will put on a show on Mount Baldy — the same mountain where he stunned the big boys back in 2012 when he came in fourth on the stage, beating guys like Tejay van Garderen, Chris Horner, Tom Danielson and Levi Leipheimer. That was as a kid on Axel Merckx’s Bontrager-Livestrong development squad. He’s a stronger rider now and he’s back to having two good legs to climb on.

Boswell vs. Dombrowski. From roommates to rivals.


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  1. The SuperStorm February 4, 2015 at 4:27 pm - Reply

    You got it Matty…
    If JoDo the pedal dancer is truly back in form for 2015 and has learned a little tactical along the way, he could become very formidable. That’s if Vaughters knows how to get this shy kid ready for the big game and the bad habits that were learned at both Sky and Bontrager have been erased from memory.

    He could very well be the next American Tour winner for real, if all goes well and he’s running clean. I like JoDo and would love to see him come into himself.

    • walshworld February 6, 2015 at 11:57 am - Reply

      No question in my mind that JoDo will be huge this season now that he has both legs. I did a 4000 word story on him for Cycle sport two tears ago when he was leaving Bontrager for Sky. Wen to his house in Virginia, talked with this coach in depth and with Axel Merckx. The both said this kid is the real deal and a future grand tour winner. He’s smart, too. And funny. Matt

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