Armstrong legal team to join forces with Ullrich?

///Armstrong legal team to join forces with Ullrich?

Armstrong legal team to join forces with Ullrich?

Ullrich behind Lance?

Once fierce rivals, now potential legal allies?

Conspiracy theories and rumors are mid-swirl as two fascinating doping cases head toward resolution.

In Texas, seven-time-for-now Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong battles against doping allegations by former teammates Tyler Hamilton and FLoyd Landis. His yellow jerseys are in peril and Federal Investigator Jeff Novitzky is trying to destroy the myth and legend the Boss has so carefully constructed.

Meanwhile over in Germany, former T-Mobile rival Jan Ullrich, the only rider Lance Armstrong ever truly feared, is still waging his own legal battle. The UCI and WADA appealed to the Court for Arbitration in Sport over 15 months ago and are still waiting for a final ruling.

Might these two cycling retirees with so much to lose join forces? Consider the recent past as a thought-starter. According to Tyler Hamilton, Armstrong’s legal team reached out to him with an offer to join forces in fighting the Federal investigation and plan a joint court strategy.

So the question becomes, is the Boss willing to give an old enemy a hand with CAS in return for an extra boost in Armstrong’s european legal campaign? As all good conspiracy theorists know, don’t say it couldn’t happen.

What if Jan Ullrich comes out in vocal support of Mellow Johnny? Suppose an arch enemy who came in second in the tour several times — and stands to be declared the winner if Armstrong is convicted of doping — publicly supports Lance? That would be a plus for the boss — and right now, the Boss is hard-pressed for pluses.

What if Armstrong helps Ullrich win his CAS case in return for some German-style I-Got-Your-Back? We’re thinking that’s a phone call has already been made. Where it all leads, nobody knows except Lance and Jan.

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  1. Pal June 18, 2011 at 10:22 pm - Reply

    The typo is so appropriate… 'the boss has so carefully constricted.' Yes, the noose is tightening and his defense is constricting. I still believe he would do best to try to cut a deal, make an admission, and acknowledge that he was a part of a culture that was rampant throughout cycling at that time. The damage would be great, but less so than letting this continue one drop at a time. In time all would be forgiven and we could simply focus on the fight against cancer.

  2. IdeaStormer Jorge June 20, 2011 at 1:58 pm - Reply

    Lance can't join Ulrich because Ulrich could care less about his case and won't show up anyway, not even a legal team. Lance is still connected and that is why the hammer is falling on him, he should of learned from Ulrich that getting out while the getting was good is better than rubbing people's nose in it.

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