A pudgy Pozzato? Scinto speaks.

//A pudgy Pozzato? Scinto speaks.

A pudgy Pozzato? Scinto speaks.

Pozzato Fat?

The truth eventually comes out. Why were Filippo Pozzato’s results the last two years so meager? It wasn’t simply bad luck and a bad fit at Katusha or even the embarrassment of him oiling up his thighs for a TV commercial.

Nope, his old director sportif Luca Scinto nailed it: “I’d seen him put on a bit of weight,” he said. “Now his body fat is around 10%, but there’s the whole winter ahead. He needs to get to ‘his’ races around 8%.”

Yup, that pudgy Pozzato needs to drop a few kilos. Scinto brought the Italian to Farnese Vini-Neri Sottoli and hopes to resuscitate the career of the talented classics rider.

“Above all, he needs to find his sharpness, so twice a week he’ll go to the velodrome at Montichiari in order to do specific work on the track,” said Scinto.

That means Pozzato will be doing his track work and his diet work. Here’s an idea: ease up on the buckets of pasta and start eating from Allen Lim’s new Feed Zone Cookbook. The former Garmin and Radio Shack team physiologist worked wonders for his riders food intake.

Scinto speaks of starting fresh with Pozzato and and improved diet sounds crucial to success. “I want our relationship to begin with a blank sheet. Rehabilitating Pippo is good for us, for him and for all of Italian cycling.”

Twisted Spoke says, go for it, Filippo. But first, go to the Amazon website and order a copy of Lim’s cookbook.

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