65cm production road bike from KHS. Giants rejoice.

//65cm production road bike from KHS. Giants rejoice.

65cm production road bike from KHS. Giants rejoice.

The Zinn KHS creation.

Being 6’4″ and a man who has paid exorbitant, near blackmail custom bike prices for my entire life, the news was earth-shattering and a financial miracle.

At Interbike, KHS debuted a monster 65cm production road bike in collaboration with the big man master himself, 6′ 6″ Leonard Zinn. The long time columnist on all things bike-tech related for Velonews, Zinn is the proof of brilliant seal on the KHS.

A few particulars before we go out and buy immediately. This beautiful XXL gem is officially called the Flite 747 and specs Shimano 105 10-speed derailleurs and shifters, 200mm cranks and big-man wide 46cm handlebars. Tall men suffering through a cramped existence on a 61cm bike with stretched stem and crazy seat setback, rejoice.

The price listed on the KHS website has the Flite at $1649 US dollars. Hallelujah. We had the chance to lay eyes and hand on this beauty at Interbike and yes, it does exist. It is not a prototype, it has been made, it is coming your grateful way.

Your fervent prayers have been answered and you do not have to drop three grand to get a road rig that befits your grand stature in the cycling world. Midgets beware, the big man is storming down the road on the KHS.

We could detail specs but at this point is seems only fair to bow down in praise of KHS and their Zinn boldness and go directly to their website. KHS should be applauded for going big when everyone else fears the world beyond 61cm.

We’ve already talked to KHS about reviewing this stunning monster and once the dust settles on Interbike, we’ll see if we can take off on this Flite.

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