Voigt, Armstrong & the doping admission. Is it a kid thing?

Lance. Where is Seis?


The only mystery left after the atomic-tsunami-cyclone USADA Report is why Lance Armstrong hasn’t finally admitted to doping.

We’re way beyond shadow of a doubt. Once Hincapie, Hamilton, Landis, Vaughters, Leipheimer and Vande Velde testified against him, there ain’t no high ground to stand on. You’re the only serial perjurer left standing.

Most every critic, cycling journalist, blogger and fan keeps asking that last question. Why won’t he just admit to doping and get it off his chest. He can move on, we can move one, pro cycling can move on. Why continue to live with the corrosive and poisoning effects of the illegal acts.

Some have used the word pathological to describe his unwillingness to confess in the face of all that damning testimony. Others have guessed that perhaps Armstrong opens himself up to additional prosecution and financial liabilities if he comes clean.

Still others have wondered why he wouldn’t confess for the good of his wife and kids. It’s a tremendous burden for them to live with and it’s not their responsibility to explain the fall of the greatest sports legend of our time. That’s Lance’s job.

We believe that the Armstrong kids angle explains why the Boss can’t spill the doped beans. For example, let’s read what Jens Voigt wrote today in his Bicycling magazine blog about why he never doped.

“I have a family and children, and I am sick—read it from my lips—I am sick of my wife getting asked in the school if I do drugs. I’m sick of getting asked myself at the kindergarten if I dope. I’m sick of having to explain my job to strangers and justify my existence. And for me the line is definitely crossed when my family gets involved and gets stressed out because of the ongoing doping stories in our sport.”

Voigt has six kids and he presents his family as the reason he never doped. Armstrong has five kids and obviously went in the opposite direction with the most sophisticated, professional doping program in sports.

Our theory at Twisted Spoke — Armstrong was one kid short.

All of this terrible mess could have been avoided if Cinqo had been followed by Seis. It’s now clear that five kids was not enough to make the Texan admit to past transgressions. However, if there had been just one more cute little Armstrong, then perhaps the need for truth and honesty would have been more powerful.

We’ve always suspected that it must be tough for the Armstrong kids to go to school and hear the ugly stories, the accusations, the taunting. Sins of father visited on kids. It’s not their crime and it shouldn’t be their punishment — yet when dad stands firm in lying, then the kids are forced to do the explaining.

Our feeling is that for Armstrong the loss of seven Tour de France titles isn’t as bad as losing the respect of his kids. It’s a terrible punishment when children discover that their father or mother has done something awful.

However, five kids didn’t quite have the critical mass of six kids. Jens Voigt is happy to say he has nothing to admit, that he can look his kids in the eye. We feel sad for Lance Armstrong and wonder how he manages that trick.

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15 Responses to “Voigt, Armstrong & the doping admission. Is it a kid thing?”

  1. Voight must be the first East German to never have doped…..

  2. I only have 4 kids. What does that mean for me? I guess I better start doping so I can hold my secret longer than Lance and his 5 kids.

    I did have an extra shot of caffeine before a ride this season…does that count? Ah, I better go right for the blood doping. Undetectable and can’t fail. Yeah, that’s it.

    • Brian, I just have to ask the hard question: can you look your kids in the eye after that kind of caffeine abuse? Matt

    • Your comment is shallow. Children get their security from knowing they can trust their father. Lance Armstrongs children can’t trust a father who looks them in the eye and lies, but yet they are forced to defend him to their friends. A man has to be pretty inadequate to do that to his kids. Maybe you should spend more time talking with your 4 kids than wasting time on blogs?

      • Of course the comment is shallow, I was making a joke. As usual, my jokes don’t always land well. Sarcasm doesn’t come across in writing. But remember, this is mostly a humor blog, the Onion of cycling. Besides, you kind of made my point for me, which is asking how Armstrong can look his kids in the eye? He’s got zero integrity left.

  3. Funny how he’s so upset about his sport’s reputation while he’s done exactly WHAT to prevent the s__t from going on? How many doped-up squads has he been a part of?

  4. Move to Spain! incoqnito

  5. I’ve never been a Lance fan, but this is all much to do about nothing. if he had not dopped he would not have been able to compete at that level because everyone was doing it. I’m not saying its right to dope. Just saying that we should all get passed it and be sure the sport is cleaned up for future events. Sick of hearing about it all

    • Robert, you have no idea how sick of this everybody is. But we can’t move on and get past until its dealt with and there is serious reform in the way the sport is governed. Otherwise it’s deja vu all over again. Matt

    • Then why are you spending time on this blog reading and writing about it?