Frome undecided over Tour de France motorhome bedding


Froome's Tour sheets?

Froome’s Tour sheets?


Team Sky plans to bring a special motorhome for Chris Froome to sleep in and facilitate his recovery during the upcoming Tour de France.

However, Froome is still undecided about his bedding, sheets and pillowcases. “Sleep is massive for recovery and Chris just wants to make absolutely sure he has the right tools for a full nights sleep,” said Nigel Snoozeberry, Sleep Performance Director at Team Sky. “It has to be the right choice if he wants to be cozy in his little cocoon.”

Options, options.

Options, options.

While teammate Richie Porte used a basic sheet and pillowcase set-up in the motorhome during the Giro d’Italia, Froome prefers to take no chances and Sky is in an research phase to determine pillow weight, soft versus firm, bedding patterns and dove covers. “We’re looking at all the variables and measuring impact on sleep, quality of recovery phase, a synthetic versus down pillow,” said Snoozeberry. There’s not a lot of research out there on bedspread patterns and wattage output on a Tour climb but we’r working with a few new algorithms.

There are still over two weeks before Le Grand Depart in Utrecht. Froome hopes to make a final decision about his sleeping accoutrement shortly. Team manager David Brailsford shrugged off suggestions that a fancy pillowcase or bike-patterned bedspread would have no effect on sleep quality. “The goal is to move the sport forward. New ideas scare a lot of people but we think it’s a massive advantage. You look a formula 1 and all the drivers have motor homes and really nice signature bedding and designer this and that,” said Brailsford. “Chris is here to win the Tour de France and a better night’s sleep puts him ahead.”

Sleep to Paris

Sleep to Paris

Froome is working with a personal shopper to help him sort thru all the options, fabrics, patterns and styles. “He really has a lovely sense of style and mood,” said Angelica Morton, a bedding consultant in London who works with Froome. “We’ve found several striking bike patterned pillows and sheets that really appealed to him.”

As he continues to narrow down his selections, Froome is not finding it easy to make that final decision. “He simply adores the look of the Summer In Paris Duvet but we’re not sure it goes with the functional decor of the motorhome.” said Morton. “But then the Bikers on the Beach bedspread creates such a restful mood.”

Favorite pillow

Favorite pillow

Apparently team sky sports psychologist Steve Kerrigan has voted for the signature Froome Tour de France throw pillows. “Steve thinks that send a very powerful subliminal winners message if he’s curled up at night with that pillow,” says Snoozeberry.

It’s another marginal sleep gain for Team Sky. While rivals Alberto Contador, Vincenzo Nibali and Nairo Quintana will be forced to sleep every night in a different bed in a different hotel, Froome will luxuriate in his private motorhome with his personal pillow and bedspread.


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