Oleg Tinkov. Boss behaving badly.


Oleg Tinkov is like that aweful boss. The blowhard, the screamer, the crass pig, the guy who likes to humiltate people. He’s a toxic reality TV show waiting to happen.
He’s the kind fo boss who gets drunk at the office Christmas party and starts making inapporiate remarks about your wife or girfriend. Then he gets more suggestive, puts his hand on her butt or tries to pull her onto the dance floor. If you get upset or offended, he switches gears like a psychopath, ahh, I was just joking. Why don’t you relax and have a good time? He buys you a drink and makes plans to fire you.
In the slow but steady evolution of the workplace, there are now human resource departments at most companies to control that behavior. There are laws against sexual remarks, bad behavior and serial persecution but Oleg doesn’t need to conform to those ethical standards.
He’s a business tycoon from Russia where the boss can still do things the old fashioned, unenlightened and boorish way. He runs the show and if you don’t like his act, that’s your problem, get out.
Like many booirsh people, Tinkov thinks he’s daring, procovative and entertaining. In other words, he’s essentially tone deaf ecept for the sound of his own voice.
Tinkov has gone out of his way to criticise his best stage racer Alberto Contador, his best one day rider Peter Sagan and his highly skilled team director Bjarne Riis. How they must weary of his incessent meddling and clumy attempts at negative motivational techniques.
There’s this slap in the face for example, delivered after Contador placed fourth in the 2013 Tour de France. “Conta performance wasn’t good. He need to change many things in his preparation and be more PRO. Will he do that? That’s the question. His salary doesn’t match his performance. Too rich and isn’t hungry, that’s my opinion, and I deserve it. He must work harder.”
Moving over to his team manager Riis, the Russian also offered“A big talent must always remain under pressure, whether it comes from God or they apply it themselves. And when you’ve got a contract that amounts to several millions that’s even more the case. I put myself under pressure every day. These are athletes and directeurs sportifs, they’re not the Princess with the pea,” said Mr T to the French newspaper L’Equipe.Contador will retire in a year and Riis will probably follow him rather then put up with Tinkov any longer. Peter Sagan must already miss the congenial warmth of his old Cannondale squad and Rafal Majka is double checking his contract for emergency exit clauses.

 The boss is a pain in the ass.
Tinkov treats his team the way a five year old treats a new toy — one minute entranced, the next, throwing it against the wall. Twitter is good for starting a firestorm but it makes a poor management tool.
We’ll alwyas rememeber the look on Contadors face when he was seated with Tinkov and Riis for the expressed purpose of putting the past criticism behind them. The grim pasted-on smile from El Pistolero said volumnes about what he thinks of Tinkov.
Boss Tinkov bought himself a cycling team. It’s a WorldTour squad and he runs it like a world-class jerk.
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