Things I Want, edition 4.

//Things I Want, edition 4.

Things I Want, edition 4.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Time for another swooning edition of Thing I Want. Come join me as I ride headlong into the the vortex of cool cycling gear that I shouldn’t have to live without. It almost physically hurts not to own each of these gems.

Velar. Must have!

Vittoria Velar road shoes

Can you say metallic-y finish? Jesus, these are sexy slippers just begging for some cleats and pedals for my bike. Sleek, Italian, unique, eye-grabbing, probably runs relatively narrow (yay!). Vittoria scores you the classic old school Italian, full bowl of pasta, cycling heritage and the Velar says welcome to 2018 baby, grab your beautiful carbon rig and less roll. I would wear these to bed they’re so enticing.

Revolights bike lighting system

I’ve had a spare set of rims for my mountain bike just sitting around for months and months. I was really wondering what to do with them and now I have inspiration Throw some fat road slicks on them and then a set of Revolights and I am good and glorious to go. When has illumination looked any bolder, cooler and more car-stopping. You’re visible for miles away. You’re a hipster


Bombs away

Lumo Clissold Bomber jacket 

This jacket from England’s Lumo immediacy causes me to rail against the Heavens for the financial injustice I have suffered. Why was I not born rich? What rude twist of fate removed so many zeros from the end of my bank account total. The Clissold Bomber Jacket takes my breath away and makes me want to drop to my knees in apparel worship. It’s beautiful, tailored, classic, rugged, cycling inspired and as if THAT WEREN”T ENOUGH, it’s got a vertical strip of blue LED lights running down the front and across the back. I just lost my breath again, I’m panting with desire> What can I sell of my own meager holdings to own this magic garment?

My next chapter?

Chpt3 Jacket 1.31

What’s with all the numbers and really who cares? Just a little of that understated, designing, thin typography, minimalist tricks approach to marketing. And that’s okay, when the company is a spin off of Chpt3 is the feverish apparel dream of former Brit pro cyclist and time trial champion David Millar. SO naturally, given his affinity for slicing thru air very fast with a minimum of disturbance, Chpt3 has a decidedly sleep appearance that looks especially amazing if you’re a slim ex-racer. Still, count us in and we’ll start the party with the Jacket 1.31. We’ll also take the bonus points and backstory that we’ll drop on club rides. Price: Expensive. What do we care? — we’re dreaming here.

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