Sky’s Konig takes over Porte’s Giro motorhome.

//Sky’s Konig takes over Porte’s Giro motorhome.

Sky’s Konig takes over Porte’s Giro motorhome.


Konig. Happy to have Porte’s motorhome.

Rest Day change of resting situation.

Sky captain and podium contender Richie Porte has been forced by injuries to withdraw from the Giro d’Italia.

However, he has left something behind — his special motorhome hotel on wheels. The Marginal Gains in Sleep plan from the Sky braintrust has been ridiculed in the Italian press but the motorhome has a new guest.

Now, with Porte gone, Czech Leopold Konig, currently 6th on GC, takes over the captain role and the motorhome. Konig was happy to skip the crappy Italian hotels for the final week of the Giro.

“Mr Brailsford has changed the sheets and pillow cases so my new quarters are ready to go,” said Konig. “I have brought my favorite pillow so that is a nice transition for me. Plus I have some knick-knacks just to give the motorhome my personal touch.”

Just over two minutes off the third step of the podium, Kong has a strong chance of moving up the standings in this grand tour. He hopes his switch in sleeping quarters will help him accomplish that big goal.

“Now it is just me, no roommate. So no snoring, no arguing about window open or closed, no discussions about what to watch on TV,” said Konig. “I can just get comfy, really relax and hit the hay right when I want. I am dreaming of a podium finish.”

Konig has already taken a liking to his personal motorhome and wonders what will happen to it after the Giro d’Italia. “I don’t know if they take it to France for the Tour. I know Froome would like to have it but it is Richie’s motorhome. We will just have to see, I guess,” said Konig.

Team manager David Brailsford refused to be drawn into any polemica over who will get the hotel on wheels for the Tour de France. “We will make the decision about who gets the motorhome, not Chris, not Richie. We have a process in place for making those decisions.”






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