Scarponi denys being second to Goss on points. Demands recount.

Scarponi wants points recalulated.

Lampre-ISD’s Michele Scarponi insisted today that he, not Michael Goss, is the number one ranked rider in the world and insisted on a recount.

“There is but one point between us so I want a B-sample analyzed,” said Scarponi. “You can’t tell me in all those races, with over 200 points, that the UCI didn’t make a mistake.”

With 202 points, the Italian is currently only one point behind Goss at 203 points. Scarponi is outraged that sloppy accounting may have robbed him of the prestige that comes with the top position in the world of cycling.

“They, the UCI, are too busy with the radio ban or writing complicated bike specs or reading all 600 pages of Contador’s legal brief. So they don’t pay attention to my points. I have more, Goss has less, I swear it,” said Scarponi.

UCI spokesman Torv Karleson insisted that the numbers are valid and correct. “We are quite careful about these things. It’s not like we’re writing numbers on scraps of paper,” said Karleson. “There’s a process and President McQuaid personally double-checks everything with an old HP calculator.”

Scarponi has threatened to hire a lawyer and launch his own investigation. “I will get a counter analysis. My calculations show I am at 207 at least. Where did those extra five points disappear to?” said Scarponi. “I don’t trust HTC-Highroad, either. They could be buying points. This whole situation stinks.”

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One Response to “Scarponi denys being second to Goss on points. Demands recount.”

  1. Hahahah, a fun post. I guess Scarponi will only have to race a few more stages and passes Goss easily. Scarponi is in top form, optima forma!