Peter Sagan, hairy beast.

//Peter Sagan, hairy beast.

Peter Sagan, hairy beast.

Look ma, no razor.

Could we ask for a more stylish and flamboyant champion for pro cycling than Peter Sagan? The man in the rainbow jersey is doing everything he can to make the sport more entertaining.

First, it was just simple bike wheelies, then a podium girl pinch. That was a solid start with some missteps and negative PR along the way but while he made some early mistake, the Fastvakian is also quick on the uptake. He doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

He deliver the good big tome with his over-the-top wedding that had the cycling press buzzing for weeks after. You’d think the man would take a break but no, he ramped things up even further. His hilarious and fun video with his wife re-enacting a song and dance serqence from Grease was 100% awesome sauce.

Seriously — compare that flamboyant personality with stars like the school-boy polite Chris Froome or bland Marcel Kittle. Nobody even comes close to Sagan in terms of putting on a show. The sport needs him desperately as it continues to shoot itself in the foot with doping, a poor financial structure and ASO0UCI infighting.

Sagan isn’t a breath of fresh air — he’s a whole new atmosphere. He brings a joy to the sport and to the big stage that didn’t even exist before he arrived. As we saw from his wedding photos, he has a gift for theatre and dramatic presentation.

And so, down in South America, in the Tour de San Luis, Sagan scored again. He arrived at the race sans razor and with hairy legs. Why? Because he’s Peter Sagan and he can do whatever he likes, people. While he may shock the Cycling Gods (with potential repercussions down the road) it was yet another reminder that the guy goes his own way.

Hairy legs goes again strict cycling tradition and geeky scientific research on aero-dynamics but when there’s a rainbow on your kit, so what, right?








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  1. Peter Sagan didn't shave his legs January 19, 2016 at 9:24 pm - Reply

    […] It is true. Peter Sagan didn't shave his legs, but still raced recently with hairy legs. Maybe, this is a one-time deal, or maybe… just maybe he is deciding that he just doesn't want to shave his legs anymore. Shaving takes too long. It's too hard to do. And if you are a pro racer, you're already tired after training so why not rest instead of standing in the shower for an hour to shave your legs? Check out Peter Sagan's hairy legs here: Peter Sagan, hairy beast. | Twisted Spoke […]

    • walshworld January 20, 2016 at 4:54 pm - Reply

      My only question is massage. Hair on the legs doesn’t make for a comfortable massage. Then again, maybe he doesn’t need one. Matt

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