Peter Sagan gran fondo in California. Double shot!!

//Peter Sagan gran fondo in California. Double shot!!

Peter Sagan gran fondo in California. Double shot!!

Peter Sagan and double gran fondo

Holy shit fire.

Well, life just got immeasurable better for every bike racing and bike loving fan in California and Nevada and anyone within jet distance.

World Champion, three time rainbow jersey fashion icon, coolest man in cycling, wheelie boss of the peloton, Peter Sagan is bringing not one, but two juicy events to California.

The King of California, winner of what — 10, 12, 14, lost track — stages of the Tour of California is now headlining two events, a gravel (May 5th) and a road shindig (November 3rd). He’s teaming up with top-shelf cycling event creator Bike Monkey, of Levi’s Gran Fondo fame, to throw these two-wheeled parties.

“I love California and am never there long enough. My time in the Tour of California is some of the best of my racing season,” said Sagan. “I try to come here as often as I can. Not only does California provide some of the best roads and most beautiful scenery in the world, the warmth and friendliness of its people are second to none. I really feel at home whenever I’m there. That’s why, together with Bike Monkey, I wanted to host an on-bike party in one of my favorite parts of the world. So, join me for a ride and an unforgettable experience and remember, cycling is fun!”

Live the double dream

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. We’re already in full booster mood on this one because Sagan is without question the only true star in pro cycling, the one man who can keep the entire sport from sinking into the doping quicksand (Thanks, Froomey!) and disappearing forever.

Sagan brings the thrills and chills every time he gets on the bike. The French coined panache and joie de vivre and the modern proof is the multi-talented rider from Slovakia. Where would cycling even be right now if he didn’t exist?

Details will continue to emerge and elicit more goosebumps but for now know this: the gravel event will cover 67.5 miles with shorter options on tap. Register fast and early: spaces at the May event will be limited to the first 1,500 people. Registration opens on Thursday, February 15th at

Having ridden up in Truckee (also home of ex-roadie turned triathlete Andrew Talansky) I can assure you the riding in this part of the Sierra mountains is spectacular and the former railroad town of Truckee is a true gem — a small Western town with great restaurants, excellent bars and cool coffee shops. Worth coming early and staying long after.

Consider me down for the gravel event even though I don’t even own a gravel bike. The wife will not be happy to learn that another high priced rig will be on the credit card but life is short and magic doesn’t happen often: Peter Sagan is coming to town, Cali.



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