Marcotte the Killa takes USA Pro Crit Championship.

//Marcotte the Killa takes USA Pro Crit Championship.

Marcotte the Killa takes USA Pro Crit Championship.


Marcotte corners big win again.

This we can say with absolute 100% confidence: Team SmartStop’s Eric Marcotte knows how to come out of a final corner like a bullet shot from a gun.

He did it last year in his stunning win over the WorldTour boys at the USA Pro Road Championship and his did it again crit-style this Saturday in Greenville, South Carolina.

That’s two corners, two national championships — which is not bad for a guy who has a full-time job as a chiropractor. He cracks necks, he kicks ass in road races.

Since Marcotte pulled off his deja vu move, we dug back into our CycleSport magazine interview with team director Mike Creed the week after Marcotte won his first stars and stripes jersey.

What Creed said then is twice as true this weekend:

“Marcotte has watts for days — if you want to have a kilojoule per hour contest you would not want to do it with Eric Marcotte.”

“I am fascinated with Marcotte. He is a 100%  bona fide killer. He has that instinct but like some guys he’s almost afraid of his own power. Physically he’s an imposing figure. He’s so conscious of his ability to get fired up.”

“I’ve seen a lot of bike racers. I know who has talent. Marcotte has talent, He is a silverback gorilla. I’d like to get him in front of WorldTour teams, let them see what he can do.”

“He’s soft spoken, quiet, very introspective. He’s always thinking about the bigger picture. He’s really personal, pretty deep. You don’t often get that with riders.”

“People always say they don’t know what to believe in cycling, they’re skeptical and that’s not going away. This guy is as good as it gets. He’s a role model, it’s a tribute to hard work.”

Congrats to Eric Marcotte on his smashing win in the USA Pro Crit Championship. He has the final corner down.




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  1. Intheknow April 19, 2015 at 6:04 pm - Reply

    Now that Creed has been outed by a former teammate, we know the true story of his and his team’s success!

    • walshworld May 2, 2015 at 7:23 am - Reply

      Intheknow, you know more than me. What friend?

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